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Nyko Lens Solves Kinect Room Size Bugbear

  One of our major bugbears with Microsoft’s Kinect system is that you need a pretty big room, clear of space, for the system to be truly effective – all well a good if you live in a small mansion, but not ideal if you live in a pokey flat or bedroom. The problem is […]

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Google ‘Motion Email’ Prank Becomes Reality With Kinect.

April 1st is definitely the most fun day of the year. At last, we get a break from hunting down the latest Apple news and our imagination gets a time to shine. Our own Gaj-it writer Andrew scoured the web for the best pranks of the day. If you missed it take a look now. […]

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Kinect Vs Move, Kinect Wins: But Why?

When the motion gaming scene was in its infancy and all we had was rumours and hype, it was the Playstation Move that was tipped to do big things. But now that the Kinect and PSMove have had time to stew in the market it seems Kinect has came out on top. In fact the […]

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Microsoft to Introduce New Kinect Games

Rumors are abound that Microsoft would be holding a press conference in the next couple of days for unveiling new game titles forKinect. The titles are likely to be launched before the starting of Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Microsoft recently announced that it will be issuing SDKs for the development of 3rd party […]

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Microsoft to Give Development Kits to Kinect Hackers

Microsoft announced that it would allow developers to create third party apps for Kinect on other platforms such as PC and Mac, abortion and for facilitating the process, clinic the company will be releasing an SDK for this purpose. The kit is expected to be out in March and will be limited to non-commercial development […]

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Kinect May Come to PCs

Kinect turned out to be a superstar for Microsoft and now the Redmond-based company is looking to monetize it in new ways. Thecompany CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed that eventually Kinect will be turned PC-compatible. In an interview with BBC, Microsoft head honcho said, “We’ll support that in a formal way, in the right time.” […]

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Hackers make Kinect porn game and Xbox users blame Kinect for ‘red ring of death’

Back in December a demo of a Kinect porn game by Adult game maker ThriXXX was unveiled featuring a pixelated pervert sexual abusing a cyber woman with his filthy cyber hand (as you can see to your right) and that’s relatively mild compared to other stuff ThriXXX wanted to bring to the motion gaming world […]

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PCs get Wavi Xtion motion interface device

Poor PC gamers often get forgotten in the world of PS3 and 360 and its no different with motion gaming. There’s the Wii, the Kinect and Move And now the Wavi Xtion. Prime Sense, an Isreal-based company which licensed core Kinetic technology to Microsoft, announced that it is teaming up with PC and peripheral makers […]

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