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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: Is It The Second Coming Of The E-Reader?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire was an instant hit when it was released in 2011 – the tablet used the success of it’s forbearer the original Kindle to get off to a great start, but Amazon hasn’t forgotten about the device made it all happen and have since unveiled the new Kindle Paperwhite, the next iteration of the company’s iconic E-reader.

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Announced For September: Will The UK Get The Budget Tablet?

September is going to be a busy month; yesterday we reported that Microsoft is going to unveil the first wave of handsets for its Windows Phone 8 update; Apple is, of course, going to unveil their latest iPhone 5 and now Amazon is inviting the world’s top tech journalists to an airport hanger in Santa Monica where it is thought they will finally unveil the new Kindle Fire 2 on September 6.

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Roundup: Release Date, Size and Specs

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been a massive success story in America with its sales out-pacing those of traditional Android tablets – new rumours are beginning to surface about its successor, including a UK release date, price and specs – we’ll roundup everything you need to know about this media-focused tablet. As you may well know […]

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iPad and Kindle Had a Great Christmas in UK

iPad and Kindle Had a Great Christmas in UK

Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle topped the list of tech-based Christmas gifts this year. According to the news, sale eBook readers accounted for every 40th Christmas gift in the UK. Amazon took a lion’s share with 92 percent of these eBook readers coming from its stable. It is being reported that in total 1.33 million […]

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Amazon Sued by M-edge for IP Infringement

Amazon Sued by M-edge for IP Infringement

Amazon has been sued for “unlawful corporate bullying” and Intellectual Property infringement by case maker M-edge. According to the filing, therapy Amazon and M- Edge entered into a three year contract, which provided for commission at 15 percent for M- Edge on the sales. However, M- Edge is claiming that after mere two months of […]

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Amazon Kindle Fire Review: A Recession-Proof Tablet For The Masses

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is finally out today in the US and for the price you’ll get a tablet that’s incredibly easy to use and won’t cost a fortune. With a price tag of only $199 and with the inclusion of Amazon’s Prime subscription the online retailer really has come up with a compelling alternative that […]

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Barnes and Nobel Unveil Nook Tablet: Amazon Fire to Feel the Pinch

Barnes and Nobel announced Nook Tablet and it did not disappoint the market. The tablet, along with Kindle Fire, is sure to set up a sub-segment within the tablet segment. The $249 tablet is about $50 dearer than Kindle Fire, but is still about 50 percent the price of cheapest iPad. B&N Nook will certainly […]

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Amazon Launches ‘Kindle Fire’: Not So much of an ‘iPad Killer’

Amazon is finally out with its long rumored tablet and no, cheap ed let’s get it straight at the outset, the Android Éclair wielding tablet is no ‘iPad Killer’. But it does not mean that the product is not full of possibilities, quite opposite to that actually! The $199 tablet certainly has potential. This 7-inch […]

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