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Nintendo Wii U: Specs, Price, Release Date – Everything You Need To Know

Nintendo has finally unveiled its Wii U launch plans a full year after the console was officially shown off to the public at E3 2011. The main headlines are as follows; it will be released worldwide before the end of the year; with America first, then Europe and then, finally, Japan. There will be two versions on offer and will retail around £249-£299 depending on which version you opt for.

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PlayStation Vita Goes Nintendo 3DS Way: Sales Plummet

PlayStation Vita Goes Nintendo 3DS Way: Sales Plummet

PlayStation Vita was launched with much fanfare in Japan and the console’s initial sales figures matched the euphoria. But, nurse now it has been reported that the console is facing steep decline in its sales volume in the second week of its launch. It looks like PlayStation Vita is destined to meet the fate of […]

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Smartphone Patent Wars: Is The System Broken ?

Patents are meant to encourage innovation by protecting inventors to profit from innovation. Yet the smartphone patent war is intensifying. Is this a sign that the system is broken or working like it should ? Well, one thing it does show is that companies who are violating patents are not being overly discouraged from developing […]

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Google Send Street Cars To Tsunami Ravaged Japan

Let’s not get too cynical, health but it’s definitely worth noting that Google’s hold on the Japanese web market is tiny compared to here in the UK and across the pond in the U.S. That said, ed Google have been doing a lot of work to help Japan get through the terrible disasters that have […]

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PS Vita Heading For Christmas Release According To Online Retailers

Sony has always stated that they would like to get their PS Vita out in time for Christmas for the US, Japan and Europe, but conceded with the effect of component shortages due to the natural disaster that hit Japan they wouldn’t guarantee the release – only promising one region, Japan, before Christmas. Well Japan’s […]

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Technology Firms Worried About Supply Of Labour And Components

Apple are on a flyer at the moment, it has just been revealed they top the world richest brands list, they’ve had the most consecutive quarters of profit in corporate history – nothing can stop them at the moment.

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PSPGO: Going. Going. Gone.

Rumours are flying around the internet this morning that Sony is ready to throw in the towel and cease production of their PSPGo. The handheld failed to capture the hearts of anyone really, thumb and seems like a sensible thing to do for Sony, discount especially with the newly launched Xperia Play – which is […]

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Apple Delay iPad 2 Release After Japanese Disaster

Thankfully Apple, help though being the Capitalist force it is quite known for in the media, buy it is has shown some compassion in the face of the tragic events which have unfolded in Japan. As nuclear reactors threaten to meltdown and the death count rises Apple have decided now wouldn’t be the greatest of […]

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