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Apple iTV: Everything You Need To Know

Not content with changing the way we listen to music, communicate through our phones and creating the world’s number 1 selling tablet, Apple, has big plans for the television. After last weeks comments that Apple TV was a “hobby” for Apple, the technology giant has plans to take the that hobby further and completely turn […]

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Jeremy Kyle On Your Smartphone! ITV Player For Android Is Here

The way we experience television is changing. The days of the TV guide are on their last legs as services such as catch-up-TV and Sky + allow us to be the master of our own schedule. But these days we are not only free from the tyranny of the Radio Times but we’re also moving […]

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ITV and Channel 4 to Make PlayStation 3 Debut

PlayStation 3 streaming service has augmented its portfolio and now you can watch Channel 4 and ITV over your gaming console.The 4oD services are expected to go operational this week and would be available to users with broadband access. BBC iPlayer is already included in PS3 portfolio. ITV had long been mulling joining PS3 bandwagon […]

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Apple TV to Appear on Pre-Odered Doorsteps in a Matter of Days

If you are one of the many people who have gone ahead in all the excitement and given up £99 for the new Apple TV then brace yourselves, order because you should be getting your brand spanking new top box in just a few days. It has been confirmed that Apple have started charging the […]

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Apple Media Event is on 1st of September not 7th

So, medicine now that everyone’s hyped up for the Apple media event on September 7th they are going to have to rush and change their diaries as it turns out the event will in fact take place on September 1st Though it would not be unbelievable for Apple to change dates to keep us on […]

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Apple Media Event Sep 7: New iPod Touch and iTV?

Bloomberg have revealed that Apple are hosting a media event in San Franciso on September 7th which happens to be on the same day Apple’s annual Mac plus iPod touch (for students) promotion ends. At Tuesday’s event it’s almost certain that we’re going to see iPod news in some shape or other and the Apple […]

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Apple’s iTV is expected to use iAd and an iPad remote?

Apple’s own television (branded the iTV), buy cheap | is as ambiguous as it gets, click and many rumors on the television are currently circulating around it. Now, viagra 40mg we have Digg founder Kevin Rose giving his own insider information on the next Apple product. Apparently the iOS-based set-top box, revealed not too long […]

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Testing for the iOS 4.1: Products include the iPad 2 and iTV?

It has been reported that Apple is testing the newest version of their operating system, healing iOS 4.1 on a number of their products including; the iPad, arthritis the unannounced iPod Touch 4 and an unknown product (speculated to be the iTV) This information has been found on the latest beta version of iOS 4.1, […]

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