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Apple Unveils Its “Best Of” Apps, Games, Music And Films For 2012

Each year Apple reveals its annual ‘Best Of’ feature for the iTunes store and App store, with this year’s winners chosen for their contribution to creativity on iOS devices. This year’s the top spot for iPhone app of the year, chosen by Apple’s editors, went to Action Movie FX, which is an app created by […]

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Top iPad Retina Games

So you’ve bought the new fourth generation iPad with a Retina display and now you want to see that stunning pin-sharp display at its very best and brightest – so to that end, we’ve scoured the App Store to find the best games that have been fully optimised for Apple’s Retina display. Real Racing HD […]

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Hand holding Apple TV

Apple iTV: Everything You Need To Know

Not content with changing the way we listen to music, communicate through our phones and creating the world’s number 1 selling tablet, Apple, has big plans for the television. After last weeks comments that Apple TV was a “hobby” for Apple, the technology giant has plans to take the that hobby further and completely turn […]

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iTunes Match Hits UK: Have You Tried it Yet?

iTunes Match Hits UK: Have You Tried it Yet?

iTunes Match was expected to be rolled out internationally in 2012, but Apple seems to have negotiated the terms with record labels and the service has now been made operational internationally. While, iTunes Match made its UK debut on Wednesday, it went live in several other countries such as Australia, Spain, Canada and New Zealand […]

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Spotify Vs iTunes: Battle Of The Apps

What’s the worst thing about Spotify? It doesn’t pay that much to artists. No. It’s devaluing music? No. It’s the fact that the service is pretty poor when it come to music discovery. There’s so much music, that often, it’s hard to find the hidden gems – sure you can use your friends recommendations – […]

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Google Enters Social Music Scene with Google Music

Google Enters Social Music Scene with Google Music

Google had been running its music service in Beta form for quite some time, abortion | but now it has gone live. Google Music, which is closely aligned with Google+, is all set to challenge iTunes and some more. The internet search engine giant is collaborating with over 1000 record labels to bring more than […]

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BBC iPlayer To Go Global

For those of you who live outside the UK and want to take advantage of the BBC’s on-demand service iPlayer, the BBC has confirmed today that they are planning to launch a global version of the service for the iPad only.

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Apple Looking to Add “Neat Stuff” to iTunes Store: Plans Major Product Transition

Apple held its quarterly conference and provided information about its future plans. Its CFO announced that Apple is all set to augment its iTunes store with some “neat stuff”. Apple is now facing stiff competition from companies like Google and Amazon. Google is now moving to distribute movies and books through its App Store. Apple […]

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