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Everything Everywhere: Just How Fast Is It & Is It Worth Upgrading For?

Of all the questions we get asked about Everything Everywhere’s super fast 4G mobile broadband, the most frequent is how fast is it compared to 3G and is it really worth it?

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Gaj-it Guide: How To (Almost) Get All of The New iOS 6 Features On Your iPhone Now

With iOS 6 a few months away we thought we’d do our level best to get you all the new functions found in the update: today – that’s right – you’ll could have almost all the features and functions found in iOS 6 today rather than waiting until Autumn. All you have to do is […]

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Will SOPA & PIPA Actually Stop Online Piracy ?

This week you’ll have likely come across two new acronyms: SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act). They are new powers being discussed in the US congress which will give content owners the power to shut down any website that is facilitating or involved in piracy online at any level. The […]

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Top 5 Data Losses

Most companies with any sort of IT infrastructure have got some sort of disaster recovery plan. Whether it be a set of tapes or CD’s or a redundant data centre, the idea of loosing the company accounts on a hard drive that has become a paperweight is something that keeps IT managers awake at night.

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