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Apple iPhone Rumors’ Final Round: Only One iPhone to Arrive

Apple iPhone Rumors’ Final Round: Only One iPhone to Arrive

It is time to put an end to apparently never ending iPhone rumors. Well, nurse let’s just say that we are going to end iPhone  5 rumors mill. However, in the final installment, let’s talk about how Apple is finally going to introduce just one phone and it may also just go ahead and axe […]

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Spotify Update To Bring Wireless Android And iOS Music Syncing

Spotify are actually giving something back to their users after weeks of pillaging them. If you haven’t noticed, the free account is now a piece of crap. We were happy to put up with advertisements with our free accounts, but now we have a bunch of aggravating restrictions such as a 10 hour listening cap […]

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Brits Continue To Damage Their Hearing With iPod’s

It’s a debate older than the Chicken Vs Egg, medicine does listening to your iPod/MP3 player on high volumes damage your ears? Obviously the answer is yes, therapy without a doubt. Look at The Who, they’re all deaf from years of playing hideously high volume rock music. Yet, the debate still rages on. A study […]

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Apple Toying With Idea Wireless Synching ?

Interesting rumours have been coming in about the future of the iPod, iPhone & iPad, and they are pointing to that Apple are considering wireless syncing and a carbon fibre body.

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Grooveshark And The Future Of Music On The Go.

The first thing I always say to someone who rattles on about buying an iPhone is “Will you use the built in iPod?” If they so no then I suggest Android. Not meaning to turn this into a smartphone debate along the same old beaten path, but (generally) BlackBerry is for business users, Apple is […]

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Zune Halts Hardware Production: Apple’s iPod loses Its Final Rival.

The final nail has been driven into the coffin of the non iPod MP3 world. It seems iTunes is an essential for music lovers now. When the iPod first emerged there was a small window for rivals to compete and no one really rose to the challenge. It’s far too late now and Apples iPod […]

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Apple Report Abuse at Chinese Suppliers

You know that guilt you get when you think about the poor little sweatshop workers which have stitched your clothes and trainers together, allergist well it turns out it’s the same for your Apple products. The US electronics giant has revealed that there has been labour and safety abuses at companies that supply components for […]

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Mobile World Congress: Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0

Samsung really are on a flyer at the moment – they seem to be revelling in the challenge from Apple, so let’s introduce you to their latest toy – the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 Now it’s not on show at MWC – but it is behind closed doors – so what it all about ? […]

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