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Apple Unveils New iPod Touch, iPod Nano & iPod Shuffle

Along with a new iPhone 5, Apple unveiled facelifts to their entire iPod range including a new iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano at yesterday’s iPhone 5 launch in San Francisco.

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Samsung Launches Galaxy WiFi 3.6

Samsung is currently battling with legal troubles. The company is hounded by Apple, purchase which claims that Samsung has infringed upon its patents. So far, anesthetist the legal authorities seem to be taking Apple’s side. Not only Samsung was ordered to provide prototype of its Galaxy range to Apple, ambulance but also the sales of […]

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Is Apple Planning to Turn You into a Singing Sensation?

Let’s just admit it, pills somewhere deep inside us, abortion we all think we are Frank Sinatra, though the bitter reality is starkly different. But, the things may change, if the rumors about Apple’s latest preoccupation are even a little true. The Cupertino company has recently filed a patent regarding a new technology, which will […]

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Apple Rumors: iPod Touch to Get White Makeover While iPad Gets Retina Display

As the launch event for next gen iPhone is coming nearer, link the rumors are also gaining steam. Though, pharmacy this week’s rumors are targeted towards iPod Touch and iPad. According to 9to5 Mac, Apple is planning to give its iPod Touch the same ‘white’ treatment, which it gave to its iPhone earlier. Apparently, there […]

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iPod Touch Gets Closer to iPhone: May Get 3G Functionality

There are rumors that Apple would be launching a cheaper iPhone this year. However, allergy the latest rumor at the moment is it is going to grant 3G functionality to iPod Touch. But it would be closer to iPad 3G than iPhone, therapy as it would only get data capability. iPod Touch had long been […]

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iOS 5: Top 5 New Features Including Notifications and PC Free Syncing

WWDC, treat the event of the year, cialis is underway in San Francisco and Apple did not disappoint. The highlights of the first day included the launch of iCloud. You can read more about it here. Another big news was the introduction of iOS 5, erectile | which is pretty much going to change the […]

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Apple to Come Up with 6-inch iPad?

We all remember Steve Jobs’ outburst against 7-inch tablets, allergy calling them ‘Dead on Arrival’, but hey, the big boss did not say anything against 6-inch ones. Now, that the rumors of iPhone Nano have been quashed by an NYT post, let’s back to speculating about iPad 2. The latest rumor about iPad suggests that […]

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skype s

Skype video calling for iPhone available now.

Good news for iPhone users, Skype’s official iOS client has now been given the ability to make video calls. This means that iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and fourth-generation iPod touch users can share real-time videos with their fellow Skyper’s (whether they’re also on iPhone or a Windows or Mac.) Plus iOS users will be able […]

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