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Apple Unveils New iPod Touch, iPod Nano & iPod Shuffle

Along with a new iPhone 5, Apple unveiled facelifts to their entire iPod range including a new iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano at yesterday’s iPhone 5 launch in San Francisco.

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iPod Nano to Regain its Lost Camera?

When it comes to Apple rumors, order iPhone and iPad take the cake for being most gossip-worthy gadgets. So, denture it’s time to broaden our horizons and take into account the little ones such as iPod Nono. iPod Nano had lost its camera while it was getting all redesigned for the sixth version. However, Nano […]

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Sixth Generation iPod Nano Manufacturing Costs Half as Much as First Generation

After the release of the sixth generation iPod nano, price it was only going to be a matter of time before we got a dismantled look at it (since we want to know all we can about it right?). iSuppli decided to do just this but have also done an estimation on the price of all […]

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iPods UK Prices Cheaper at Asda Than the Apple Store: Christmas Come Early?

UK supermarket chain, Asda has revealed that their latest line of iPod will be cheaper than the Apple store by few pounds. The cheapest iPod, the 2GB Shuffle is £37 through Asda, which is £2 cheaper than on the actual Apple Store. Bigger savings are on the iPod Touch and Nano, which dependant on the […]

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Would You Wear the iPod Nano as a Watch?

The newest iPod nano is small, health theres no argument there. But just because it’s conveniently a similar size to watch face, would you wear it like one? Well if you do make sure to check out iLoveHandles, who have designed a watch strap purely for the fifth-generation PMP, with a cut out notch for […]

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iPod Next Generation Could Include HDTV

Apple are in the spotlight again, however this time it is for their iPod range of products. Apple has revealed that one of its next chapters in Apple’s next generation in iPods could include the ability to watch and record HDTV. News of this has come about after US Patent & Trademark Office published an […]

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Apple Working On Touchscreen Remote?

Before I go on to talk about this then, it’s important to look at the picture taken from BoyGeniusReport. At a first glance it looks good and typically Apple like I think you’ll agree? On a second glance it occurred to me that Apple wouldn’t produce a remote like this where it’s only purpose is […]

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My gadgets of the decade

Channel Five’s Gadget Show has recently launched a poll to find out the best gadget of the decade. The poll is split into five categories (computer, entertainment, photography, music and phone gadget) with a place for the overall best of the best too. The poll is now open to votes, comprising of the best in […]

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