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Headphonies – a stocking filler for music lovers

Are you buying someone an iPod/iPad/iPhone 4 or just anything with an audio output regardless of if it’s prefaced with ‘i’? Well as a little extra why not grab them one of these incredibly cute but cool speaker accessories, Headphonies.

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iPill: Mini Microphone For Your iPod

This gadget may seem a bit gimicky, I mean how often do you find yourself recording your indelible thoughts when you’re out and about on the town? Nevertheless, it’s an iPod accessory, and anything that gives the coolest gadget you own a bit more functionality is worth taking a look at. The iPill is a […]

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Vers 2X and Vers 1.5R iPod Speakers

If you didn’t have an iPod before Christmas, chances are right now you’re using one to listen to your new Dido CD that was also packaged in your stocking. One thing that may not have been included, is a set of iPod speakers, and we’ve found some that are not only stylish, but great quality, even eco-friendly and beautifully hand crafted.

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iPod iKaraoke: Let the Good Times Roll!

As soon as anyone hears the word karaoke everyone shakes their head with a “no, not me thanks,” before you see them 30 minutes later taking the stage with a drink in one hand and a microphone in the other. There’s something about hearing the first few chords of Summer of ’69 that makes everyone […]

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