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Smartphone Internet Speeds: iPhone 4 Vs Android

The internet is at the core of the smartphone but if it’s too slow, it’s useless and very frustrating. So if you were buying a phone based purely on its web ability what would you opt for Android or iPhone? The latest figures say Android, (and by a large chunk too.) Apparently ‘the latest Android […]

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Spring Launch Of White iPhone 4 Confirmed By Apple: But Is There Still A Market?

Today the mysterious white iPhone has staged a comeback. All but forgotten about in the building excitement over iPhone 5 many had thought the handset was scrapped but according to a tweet by Apple exec Phil Schiller it is set for launch later this spring. Apple had originally planned to release the white iPhone 4 […]

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iphone 5 white

No White iPhone 4 but White iPhone 5 Looks Promising?

After our in depth review of the iPad 2 event yesterday one thing which came to light was that the iPad 2 would be available in white. I am sure you will all agree, order since the release of the iPhone 4 we have been yearning for a white iPhone 4 to surface, but has […]

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Vs iPhone 4

Let’s be honest, when you think smartphone, you think iPhone, just like tablet device makes you think iPad and MP3 makes you think iPod. It’s probably the most talked about smartphone and perhaps the most popular in terms of pure handset sales. Obviously there are an army of Android running smartphones out there (along with […]

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iPhone 4 Design

iPhone 4 Crowned Best Mobile Device at MWC…Plus HTC Picks Up a Gong!

Despite Apple not having a presence at the Mobile World Congress, troche their popular smartphone, capsule the iPhone 4 still managed to bag itself an award for the “best mobile device”. The iPhone 4 was commended for it’s “great screen, sharp design, fantastic materials, and phenomenal ecosystem for app developers.” As well as this HTC […]

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Verizon iPhone 4 Has Atenna Issues…Will Apple Give Free Cases Away?

When the iPhone 4 was launched last summer, there were quite a few of us who complained about the antenna issues found on the phone. About 9 months and today we see the release of Verizon’s iPhone 4. Surely after a major mess up, Apple would have fixed the problem by now ready for the […]

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white iphone release date and price

White iPhone 4 Price Confirmed as $599 as Best Buy Sticker is Spotted

I know we have talked endlessly about the release date of the white iPhone 4 since the black iPhone 4 was release last summer. Almost 9 months on and the birth of the white iPhone 4 could take place as an image posted by Engadget shows a Best Buy placeholder sticker of what is believed […]

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iphone 4 verizon

Verizon iPhone 4 Available to Pre-Order But Who Will Wait for the iPhone 5 Release?

If you live in the US and are a Verizon customer then you will be pleased to know that pre-ordering has opened for the iPhone 4 on the Verizon network. Apple and Verizon are both accepting orders of the phone if you are an existing Verizon customer, health however for those of you not with […]

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