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Gaj-it Face-off: iPad 2 vs The New iPad – Which One is Right For You

Apple hosted the world’s tech journalists in San Francisco to show off their new iPad this week, the device is pretty much as many had expected – with 4G the only feature that probably wasn’t expected. But how does the new iPad really compare to the iPad 2 – which after the new announcement is […]

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iPad 3 Coming In September ? To Be Called iPad 2 Plus ?

Apple might launch a new version of its iPad 2 this September, it won’t be the a iPad 3, but apparently it will be a Plus version.

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iPad 2: Three Jailed For Leaking Tablet Secrets

Three months ago it was reported that three former workers at Foxxcon were arrested and charged with leaking information about the iPad 2 way before the tablet had been unveiled to the public – the workers have now been given prison sentences and hefty fines for stealing information from the manufacturer. Lin Kecheng, Hou Pengna […]

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Scalpers Fight With Apple Staff At iPad 2 China Launch

As the iPad 2 is released in China, violent scuffles highlight the dark side of Apple’s launches. The vast majority of people who queue up outside of Apple stores all night long are nothing more than Apple super-fans, but a small minority are ‘scalpers’ not quite as vicious as they sound, scalpers are basically the […]

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5 Apps To Show Off On Your iPad 2

So the iPad 2 is finally out, and you probably been on it all weekend, so we thought we’d give you some ideas of apps you might want to download to your new pride and joy – after all nearly 70% of all iPad 2’s were sold to new customers who hadn’t owned the first one. So lets get it filled up with the best of the best.

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Can Acer Kill The iPad 2 With Its New Range Of Android and Windows Tablets?

If the iPad isn’t for you then Acer’s latest batch of Android tablets may be just what you are looking for. Here’s a look at their two latest devices. I’ve kept it simple and cut out the waffle. No Apple hating/ blind Android love here! Just check out the stats and make your own mind […]

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Apple Delay iPad 2 Release After Japanese Disaster

Thankfully Apple, help though being the Capitalist force it is quite known for in the media, buy it is has shown some compassion in the face of the tragic events which have unfolded in Japan. As nuclear reactors threaten to meltdown and the death count rises Apple have decided now wouldn’t be the greatest of […]

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iOS 4.3 Jailbreak Is Released: Is It About Time For Apple to Throw In The Towel?

The iOS 4.3 update which came out March 10th has been Jailbroken. The new version of sn0wbreeze 2.3 beta 1 tool created by iH8sn0w will let users jailbreak their iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th gen and iPad. The jailbreak developer has promised to bring multi-touch gestures to these iOS devices but unfortunately for […]

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