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Apple Unveils iPad Mini, New iPad, New iMac, New Mac Mini and 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro

Apple has just finished their last product launch of 2012 and have unveiled a raft new products. Some we already knew about: the iPad Mini and the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. But, others were straight out of blue. There were refreshes for the 4th Generation iPad, the Mac Mini and the biggest surprise was the all-new super thin iMac.

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Apple Store Down, New iMac’s Imminent

Apples ubiquitous “We’ll be back soon” postage note has appeared on the Apple online store today leading many to speculate that the newly refreshed iMac is about to be unveiled. We reported last week that Apple will be releasing new iMac computers on May 3rd and seeing that the online store is down surely this […]

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iMac Refresh Incoming Next Week?

If you have been considering buying Apple’s flagship iMac, then you might want to hold on as there are rumours that the new iMac could be unveiled next week. If you try and buy one online, you’re normally told that it will ship within 24 hours, well isn’t the case at the moment, as you […]

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New iMac And MacBook Pros Coming First Half Of 2011?

It may not come as a surprise to anyone that Apple would be introducing new computers and laptops next year, treatment but of course the main question on people’s minds is what and when. Well, cough DigiTimes are reporting that new MacBook Pros and iMacs are coming in the first half of 2011. The report […]

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Microsoft Announce Windows Phone 7 to Mac Syncing Software

It seems that Microsoft and Apple are actually acting a little rationally with each other for once in a blue moon, vialis 40mg by actually accepting people can have one of their products, abortion | but may not have them all. What I am referring to in this instance anyway is that there will be […]

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Old MacBook Converted into a Touchscreen Tablet

While we are still waiting for news of Apple to make a touchscreen iMac, buy it seems we get at home tech geek’s beating them to making touchscreen devices out of a MacBook. More precisely, treatment a geek going by the name of EnigmaPenguin has converted his broken MacBook (a Core 2 unit from 2007) […]

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Are Apple Testing a Touchscreen iMac?

According to Digitimes, treatment Apple is apparently testing out touchscreen technology for a future generation iMac. It’s not infrequent to hear rumours like this, health but Apple has given no word on such plans as of yet. The rumour also states that Sinek Photronics are supplying capacitive panels for the touchscreen testing. This may be […]

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New Apple Products Sighted

With the Apple woes firmly behind the company they are planning an assault on your wallet with a whole host of new products, including revised iMac’s, new Magic track pads, 12-core Mac Pro’s, and Magic battery chargers and of course a new gargantuan Cinema display. First up, we have details on what many had already […]

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