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Apple iTV: Everything You Need To Know

Not content with changing the way we listen to music, communicate through our phones and creating the world’s number 1 selling tablet, Apple, has big plans for the television. After last weeks comments that Apple TV was a “hobby” for Apple, the technology giant has plans to take the that hobby further and completely turn […]

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Apple Boasts of 85 Million iCloud Users

Apple Boasts of 85 Million iCloud Users

Apple now has 85 million subscribers using its iCloud. This should not come as a surprise as the company is pretty much accustomed to having its product and services flying off the shelf. According to Apple chief executive officer, bronchi Tim Cook, sale iCloud is likely to become an important part of Apple portfolio. Tim […]

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‘Disappointing’ iPhone 4S on the Verge of Setting ‘Fastest Selling Gadget’ Record

‘Disappointing’ iPhone 4S on the Verge of Setting ‘Fastest Selling Gadget’ Record

iPhone 4S did not receive warm welcome form industry experts on its release, asthma | but the public is more than happy to grab yet another Apple device. According to a report released by the company, click it sold more than 4 million units of the phone within 3 days of its launch. If the […]

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No Apple iCloud Music Match Service Until 2012 For UK

Apple’s iCloud music locker service won’t be making its way to UK shores until 2012 a spokesman from the Performing Rights Society has said. Seen by some as an amnesty for music pirates, pills Apple’s iTunes iCloud offering, which launches in the US in July, will allow users to upload their media to massive Apple […]

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WWDC 2011: iCloud – Steve Jobs Shows Off The Future Of Cloud Computing

So were just digesting all the news from the WWDC from Apple. The main headline; no new hardware. But Apple did put on an impressive show with their new software focus. A future where all Apple devices talk to each and update themselves autumagically – all made possible through the iCloud which be free.

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iCloud Music Service Free Trial Offered: Will You Be Willing to Pay the $25 Per Year After?

Everyone has been talking about the Apple iCloud Service recently and in true Apple fashion everything has remained very tight lipped about it. However, therapy it certainly hasn’t stopped the rumours flying about regarding the service. It has been suggested that the Apple iCloud Service will allow you to scan your music collection and mirror […]

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Apple iCloud Magically Transforms Your Crappy Music to High Quality

No, story no, sickness it won’t turn Justin Bieber into Frank Sinatra, but Apple’s new rumored iCloud service will turn your low bit rate, inferior quality audio to high quality music. So, if you have some music, which you acquired through some dubious methods then you are in luck. iCloud is expected to stream such […]

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Apple Gets Major Music Label On Board With iCloud

Apple have managed to get the major labels to sign up to there new iCloud media streaming and storage system. Apple has already got a deal with Warner Music and now has just inked a deal with EMI. CNET are predicting that the final two of the big four will sign up as quickly as […]

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