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Google Snaps up IBM Patents: Eats its Own Words

Google is currently embroiled in a bitter patent fight with Oracle and it looks like that the company has learned some lessons from its ongoing tussle. In order to avoid any future encore of the current situation, unhealthy Google is now trying to collect patents, left right and center. According to a blog called SEO […]

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Apple Scores Big on Earnings: Fails Green Test

Apple continues to score big and almost doubled its profits for its latest quarter. However, sale cialis this did not stop Greenpeace from giving a ‘Fail’ score to the company when it comes to being a environmentally responsible. Greenpeace recently released its ‘Green League Report’ and Apple was placed at the bottom of the list. […]

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IBM makes world’s fastest processor.

1.4 billion transistors capable of handling more than 50 billion instructions per second, symptoms welcome to the new 5.2GHz z196 processor according to IBM, discount the world’s fastest processor. The new IBM 5.2GHz z196 processor is an enterprise processor that was manufactured using IBM’s 45 nanometer technology by IBM engineers in Poughkeepsie, therapy N.Y. IBM […]

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Lenovo’s New Slimmed Down, Beefed Up 14-inch Business Notebook

Lenovo has released details of its new 14 inch business laptop the ThinkPad T400. The T400 has a carbon fibre shell, making it quite thin (only 2.1 cm) and relatively light. At the same time the T400 is no performance slouch. The T400 comes with the Intel 2.53 GHz Core2Duo processor, 2GB of memory and a range of solid state drive storage up to 128 GB or if you prefer a 250 GB hard drive.

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IBM to produce super ‘brainy’ computers

Just when you thought computers were intelligent enough, it would seem that IBM have been working with the US government to create electronic circuits which will mimic the brain. It is developing an area called ‘cognitive computing’, and according to the BBC this will mean that neurobiologists, computer and materials scientists and psychologists will all […]

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