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Blockbuster UK Follows HMV & Jessops And Goes Into Administration

In what is one of the bleakest weeks in UK high street history, DVD rental firm Blockbuster has become the latest UK retailer to go into administration. The chain, which has 528 stores and employs 4,190 staff, is the latest retailer to fall foul of increased competition online and has called accountancy firm Deloitte, the […]

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Administrators Call Time On Struggling Retailer HMV, Job Losses Expected

Beleaguered UK retailer HMV announced yesterday that they have called in the administrators, with 4,500 jobs at risk if the company can’t be rescued by a buyer. The news comes in the same week as another famous UK retailer Jessops entered administration and closed all of its stores last Friday. It’s been a tough time […]

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3DS UK Launch Details: Free Game For First 500 Customers!

March 25th is set to be a geeks dream. Both the iPad 2 and Nintendo 3DS get their UK launch. There’s much talk about the iPad 2 overshadowing the 3DS and maybe even visa versa, viagra sample but in reality the products are completely different so matching UK release dates are somewhat irrelevant. Anyway, prostate […]

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The Parrot Ar.Drone: An Augmented Reality Flying Device

Augmented reality is really starting to make real-life video games more and more interesting, and Parrot’s Ar.Drone is definitely a step up in how far the technology can go. The Ar.Drone is a 4-propeller flying device which is controlled using WiFi signals from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The Drone uses a front facing camera which […]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Coming Out Tommorow: HMV Does Midnight Openings and London Give-Aways

The much anticipated game to come out in the Call of Duty series – Call of Duty: Black Ops – is just one night away, and many shops are preparing for the big rush of people who are desperate to prestige as many times as they can as soon as possible and scream how much […]

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Microsoft Announce Kinect European Date And Windows Mobile 7 Xbox Live Support

Microsoft have lifted the lid on the Kinect European launch date today, and confirmed Kinect will be available throughout all European territories on 10th November. But they have still failed to decide on the official price – are they planning to sell cheaper than the £129.99 predicted price point? Probably not. But why they can’t […]

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HMV Digital: “We are not waging war on iTunes”

HMV launched their digital music store today and it has gone into direct competition with iTunes, medicine although they say their not starting a price war. They said today say they aren’t competing with iTunes. Really? Even though they are going to use some rather aggressive marketing strategies to lure in the customers. Including Top 40, […]

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Microsoft Kinect November 19th UK Release Date?

Microsoft’s new fangled movement controller Kinect, asthma has had its release date leaked by Play.com and HMV.com. Although no official word has emerged regarding its release date from Microsoft, nurse we would imagine that this date is right, anabolics as it is just time for the big holiday rush. If you have been living under […]

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