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intel to put atom chips in football helmets?

In case computer chips were a bit boring for you. Intel has come to the rescue. They’ve been working with several industry experts to improve the safety of American football helmets. The idea is to put tiny Atom microprocessors inside football helmets to measure and feed real-time impact data to medical personnel on the sidelines […]

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How to Make a Daft Punk Helmet

Well Comic Con is in full swing and they have just shown the latest eagerly anticipated Tron Legacy trailer – and to celebrate the fact one man has just completed a 17-month gargantuan journey from his house to become Daft Punk at Comic Con. Comic Con is the world’s biggest comic convention and allow Americans […]

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Finished Helmet

A crash helmet that mimics the scalp only a year away.

Did you know that when you hit your head your scalp slides across your skull helping to deflect up to 60% of an injury? It’s a gross image but without it even minor head bumps could lead to serious injury. It works like this- It’s with that fact in mind that Dr Ken Phillips has […]

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