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Motorola RAZR i: What Does Mean For The Future Of Motorola?

Motorola’s newly launched RAZR i is the first flagship handset to be released by the company since it was bought out by search engine giant Google. As well as being a genuinely good smartphone the handset is sporting a processor from Intel, and that makes it a flagship phone for Intel, too. But what does the future hold for the company? Will it remain an independent handset maker at arms length of Google? Or will it eventually be turned into Google’s own handset maker? We try and find out.

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HTC Unveils Two New Windows Phone 8 Handsets: 8S & 8X

HTC is the latest handset maker to show its Windows Phone 8 cards and revealed two new smartphones coming to the Microsoft OS in early November.

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Windows Phone 8: New Handsets From Samsung, HTC, Nokia & Huawei

Microsoft has sent out the invites, the new handsets are ready and just a week before Apple is supposed to unveil the iPhone 5, Windows Phone 8 devices will be unveiled to the public for the first time.

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Orange Release Super-Tough Android Handset

Ever broke your new phone? Of course you have. That’s why Motorola are attempting to save you from the annual heartbreak of realizing that nothing you do will save your phone. They have launched a tough new phone, the Defy, which ‘conforms to IP67 standards. ’It promises to be scratch, water and dust resistant. The […]

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Review: Nokia 2220. Easy on the Pocket

In the spirit of keeping costs down, Nokia’s 2220 slide is another low-end phone from the Fins, but that doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. From the first, the phone is a highly stylish device that would do any pocket proud. But does it follow-through under the bonnet? Let’s find out.

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Review: HTC Legend. Android 2.1 Gets Legendary

It’s a good-looking Android phone packed with features all in an aluminium body. But does the HTC Legend actually live up to the hype under the bonnet, or did the Taiwanese manufacturer get a bit lazy and just create a metal version HTC Hero? Let’s take a look in our HTC Legend review.

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Review: Sony Ericsson Vivaz. More Camera Than Phone

It can record in HD, has continuously adjusting autofocus and is ergonomically designed so is an RSI-friendly gadget. Oh, and did we mention this device is actually a mobile phone? The Sony Ericsson Vivaz packs quite a punch with its impressive specs, but is it trying to do too much at the one time? Let’s find out.

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Review: Motorola Milestone. Android 2.0 Comes to Life

The term “Motorola phone” had almost been relegated to ye olde speak, with the manufacturer taking its sweet time in releasing a new handset to market. Apart from the Dext, Moto has been rather quiet on the mobile phone front. So has it been concocting something of a masterpiece in the Motorola Milestone all this time? Let’s find out.

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