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Nvidia Kicks-Off CES 2013 With Tegra 4 Chipset And Project Shield Handheld

A couple of year’s ago the opening keynote speaker at CES would normally be a pseudo tech celebrity at the helm of a well-known corporation like Microsoft or Hewlett Packard, however, this year’s CES opening keynote came from Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, a man your average tech enthusiast probably would recognise or have heard of. It’s […]

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Nintendo Announces 3DS XL: Will It Save The Ailing Handheld?

Nintendo took the gaming world by surprise this weekend by announcing a larger replacement for 3DS, called the 3DS XL. It’s surprising as Nintendo didn’t mention anything about it at their recent E3 presser – although it’s probably a shrewd move by Nintendo who clearly would have struggled to announce a new handheld as well […]

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WikiReader Oktoberfest

WikiReader – 3 Million Wikipedia Articles in a Handheld Device

Have you ever been out and about and wanted to know about a particular statue, place of interest, king, queen, dictator or in fact almost anything but you had no way to look it up, no Internet available and no computer to search the web for answers? Yes? Then you might want to get hold of WikiReader ASAP.

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Touch screen PS2 in time for Christmas?

PSP fans will be excited today. All morning the internet has been abuzz, searching for news of second PSP device with rumours of cameras, touch screens and sliding designs.

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