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Fax machines and ham radios used in Egyptian protests after Murbarak takes down internet

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s pretty much a full-scale revolution unfolding in the streets of Egypt. Nevermind a few students with a fire-extinguisher, in the big cities like Cario thousands of people have flocked to the streets in attempt to gid rid of corrupt President Mubarak. And once again our good old friend ‘technology’ […]

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Hacker beats 2G and 3G encryption

Using a simple computer, a home built transmitter and receiver, plus some readily available software, Chris Paget was able to develop a system whereby he could monitor any conversation using 2G or 3G technology. In the early 1990s came the second generation (2G), which switched from analogue to digital transmission, signalling a massive rise in […]

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