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Google Nexus 7: 16GB Version Sold Out Amidst Complaints of Screen Problems

Google’s newly launched Nexus 7 tablet has been such a hit that the search engine giant has stopped taking orders for the 16GB version, but it’s not all good news as numerous reports have surfaced online about the quality of the hardware, especially the screen.

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Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet: Release Date, Price And Specifications

Every year Google hosts an I/O developers conference in San Francisco, California. It’s where the search engine giant tends to shows off what they have planned for their Android operating system for the year ahead.

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Google Chrome OS: Is It The Future of Personal Computing?

There’s no doubt that Google is very brave to take on Microsoft and Apple with their Chrome operating system. Originallly launched last year the cloud-based OS didn’t really make the impact Google had hoped for.

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Facebook Phone: Facebook Considering Making A Smartphone As It Considers Buying Opera

With Facebook’s controversial IPO now finished the social networking company is thought to be considering a Facebook mobile phone, and is already recruiting engineers who have experience with mobile devices, according to a story published in the New York Times on Sunday.

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Google’s Motorola Acquisition: A Marriage Made In Heaven Or Just A Marriage Of Convenience

Google is now the proud owner of the one of the world’s most recognisable mobile brands: Motorola. Well that statement might have true 5 years ago: Is this purchase a bold new direction for the search engine giant or a marriage of convenience? We look into our crystal ball to see what the future holds Google-rola.

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Google Android: Is Google Planning Something Massive?

Google’s success with Android over the last couple of years has been impressive; from humble beginnings Google has amassed a loyal following, but they still aren’t making the money that Apple is.

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April Fools: The Best of the Tech Web

From 8-bit Google maps to Apple patenting the rectangle April fools is a great time for major companies, bloggers and journalists to let their hair down and have a bit of fun. Here’s a round-up of the best of the web. Google launches Google Maps for Nintendo NES Google clearly have a sense of humour […]

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Temple Run Finally Jumps On To Android

One of the most popular games on iPhone (no, not Draw Something), Temple Run, has finally made the jump to Android tablets and handsets, and can be downloaded for free from the renamed Google app store, Google Play. Temple Run has been one of the most sought after games on Android, but has suffered several […]

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