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Sodastream Genesis Drinks Maker: Top Gadget for the Whole Family

For those who don’t know, SodaStream is a drinks making system that allows you to carbonate water yourself, then add any flavour you want. The company’s slogan says it all – get busy with the fizzy! The Sodastream is a neat little unit which holds a gas canister (CO2 cylinder) for producing the bubbles. The […]

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Earmuff Headphones are a winter warmer for music lovers

The days are getting colder and the winter clothes are coming out of the closet. Avoid the buds of your headphones digging into your ears with these Earmuff Headphones!

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Video Review: Zibits – RC Robots

So in my quest for a daily dose of cute, I’ve been lucky enough to recently acquire a Zibit, an RC robot being pitched as ‘the new must have for every child, tech-lover and toy collector’. But are they good enough for a blogger with a love of robots and all things cute? Watch the video and find out…

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UV Monkey Saves Sundamage

In their own right keyrings are usually a bit on the boring side. sure they look nice next you your set of house keys, but they don’t often do much else except for getting caught in a hole in your threadbare pocket. The UV Monkey however is a keyring with a difference. Designed to let […]

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Chumby: An application gadget

Here’s an interesting idea, what if you could take the best bits of being online and put them into a device to play with offline? Yes, kind of like a smartphone… without the phone. Well some imaginative people have thought that this is a good idea, and the result is Chumby. Chumby is a wireless […]

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Review: TomTom XL V2 GB. Innovative Design.

TomTom have gone back to the drawing board with the TomTom XL V2 GB and produced a widescreen Sat Nav with innovative design features (including a foldable suction cap) and TomTom’s usual high quality navigational technology. It’s usually priced a bit too high for my liking, but we’ve gone out and found a good Christmas deal with this particular model.

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Micro Mosquito RC Flying Toy

There are a lot of flying gizmos on the market, which is lucky as Winter sets in and you are faced with bored children and bored partners stuck indoors for days on end. The Micro Mosquito is the world’s smallest and lightest 3-Channel indoor RC Helicopter and is safe for indoors use. Just away from […]

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Mini Digital Voice Changer: Be Anyone

Here’s a stocking filler for the little James Bond in the family. What kid doesn’t love playing a prank or dealing in the mysterious world of espionage? With the mini Digital Voice Changer, anyone can be disguised in an instant. This nifty gadget features three different voice changing options. It may look like a pretty […]

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