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PS Vita 2

Playstation Vita Review Part 2: Software

When you finally power up the PS Vita you will be welcomed by an incredibly simple and intuitive user interface. It’s not going to convinced Android users who are obsessed with customisations and widgets, but compared to the current UI on the PS3 it’s easily the best Sony has ever come up with, but it’s […]

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Google target Yahoo users with ‘one-click sign-up’

I told you Google is taking over the world and like any self-respecting tyrant, sale pills they’ve chosen to pick on the weak first.  They’ve already took a pop at Skype with the new Gmail call service and though Skype are a huge service in their own right, prostate they are dwarfed by Google’s ever […]

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flickr html5 ipad

iPad Flash Dilemma: Flickr Joins the Bandwagon and Adds HTML 5 Player

The support for iPad video is spreading thick and fast, prescription with news already that companies such as Brightcove are adding HTML 5 support to try and overcome the lack of flash support available on the Apple iPad. Another company which has joined its support for the iPad is Flickr. The Flickr HTML 5 player […]

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My gadgets of the decade

Channel Five’s Gadget Show has recently launched a poll to find out the best gadget of the decade. The poll is split into five categories (computer, entertainment, photography, music and phone gadget) with a place for the overall best of the best too. The poll is now open to votes, comprising of the best in […]

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Vufone- connecting your phone with your social networks all in one place

I’m incredibly snap happy with my phone. The camera is the main thing I look for when I get an upgrade, and boy do I get my use out of it. But more often than not the photos stay on my phone for months before I get round to taking them off and sorting through […]

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Google Picasa 3.0. An upgrade in online photography

Last week’s announcement of the new Google Chrome web browser overshadowed another new release from Google: Picasa 3.0. This new Picasa is a major technology upgrade to both Picasa and Picasa Web Albums, and digital happy snappers out there have every right to be excited about the new features. The first nifty feature is new […]

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