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How To Fix LG Optimus 2X Freeze and Reboot Bug.

Bugs in smartphones can quickly become a PR nightmare for companies as LG know all too well. Yet again we’ve arrived at the same old story. Despite the huge amounts of money people fork out on handsets, tech news is regularly riddled with stories about faulty hardware, software update delays, and inevitably angry customers. The […]

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Apple release MacBook Air Display Fix

It seems like any new gadget that is released is hit by some sort of ‘teething problem.’ Can anyone remember the days when things just, generic buy worked? Maybe they never really existed. Apple’s new recently released MacBook Air models didn’t manage to avoid the old ‘release bug.’ Not a major flaw as such but […]

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Apple Document ‘confirms’ Macbook Air display issues

You may have heard about problems with the displays of recently launched Macbook Airs, in the form of a bug that displays horizontal lines in varying colours when the system wakes up from sleep. Masters of denial Apple hasn’t publicly acknowledged that there are any display issues, as they don’t tend to acknowledge anything possibly […]

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Samsung Galaxy S bugs and fixes

The Samsung Galaxy S, though one of the best smartphones on the market, like everything else has its teething problems. You may have heard about an issue with the handsets USB. The problem appears to be a bug that makes the handset crash when files with 16 character extensions are used. The smartphone itself doesn’t […]

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