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Wii U Review Round-up: First Impressions, Features And Details

Nintendo has finally launched its new console, Wii U, in America and we’ve scoured the internet to round-up all the first impressions of the hardware, eShop, software and the controller. Nintendo has gone to great lengths to control the information flow about the console before it had been released. But now the console is on […]

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Amazon Adds ‘Real Page Numbers’ To Kindle With Update V3.1

Referencing is one of the most hideously irritating and frustrating tasks in the world and E-books don’t exactly help when their page numbers don’t match up to the numbers on their physical counterparts. But Kindle users will never have this problem again thanks to lovely Firmware Update v3.1 Now, salve when you press ‘menu’ Kindle […]

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Apple TV Firmware Reveals Two New iPhones?

Thanks to Apple putting future devices into the firmware of their products, viagra sale | we can usually get a leak on potential upcoming products. Well, capsule thanks to the new Apple TV and 9to5Mac, capsule we have a screenshot from the firmware (below) which has names for three devices we could be seeing in […]

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PS3 firmware update goes live: 3D Blu-Ray and Facebook intergration.

Lucky PS3 owners have today received a firmware upgrade and thus another way to argue that their console is better than their friend’s 360. When you next pop your Sony console on, viagra 60mg you should be running version 3.50. This means 3D Blu-ray support. That’s right, recipe one minute you had Blu-Ray, the next […]

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PlayStation Firmware Update Coming Soon with Plans of a Paid Subscription Service for the PSN

With Sony staking the world with 3D, the PlayStation Blog has just been updated informing their users what we can expect with the next update. The last update saw Sony start the 3D revolution with their first foray into the world of 3D, and now they are ready to launch the new PlayStation Plus, which […]

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PS3 Firmware 2.50 released

Whilst there are no major changes in store here and no sign of the much-anticipated Playstation Home release, there are a few little tweaks to make life easier and increase your options and enjoyment. First up, the account creation and management screens have been redesigned to make them more attractive and user friendly, they’ve also […]

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