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Comet Confirms Fire Sale, As Dixons Offers To Save Some Jobs

Everyone loves a good bargain, especially when it come to gadgets, and ailing UK tech retailer Comet has confirmed via its website that they will be starting a ‘fire sale’ soon in order to sell of its stock. Last week it was revealed that the company would be going into administration after its owner, OpCapita, […]

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Announced For September: Will The UK Get The Budget Tablet?

September is going to be a busy month; yesterday we reported that Microsoft is going to unveil the first wave of handsets for its Windows Phone 8 update; Apple is, of course, going to unveil their latest iPhone 5 and now Amazon is inviting the world’s top tech journalists to an airport hanger in Santa Monica where it is thought they will finally unveil the new Kindle Fire 2 on September 6.

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Roundup: Release Date, Size and Specs

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been a massive success story in America with its sales out-pacing those of traditional Android tablets – new rumours are beginning to surface about its successor, including a UK release date, price and specs – we’ll roundup everything you need to know about this media-focused tablet. As you may well know […]

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Amazon Kindle Fire Review: A Recession-Proof Tablet For The Masses

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is finally out today in the US and for the price you’ll get a tablet that’s incredibly easy to use and won’t cost a fortune. With a price tag of only $199 and with the inclusion of Amazon’s Prime subscription the online retailer really has come up with a compelling alternative that […]

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Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire: The Recession Friendly Tablet for Christmas

Last week Amazon unveiled to the world what they have planned for the future of their Kindle. The Kindle Fire, from the looks of it is a tablet that will look to try and compete with the runaway success of the iPad.

Last week we took a long hard look at what the Fire can’t do. Today we take a slightly more optimistic look at what the Kindle Fire can do.

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Superior Scandium Flueless Fireplace: More Stylish than any Sweater Imaginable

I’ve always loved the homely feeling that you can only get from a fireplace. This may be sacrilegious to say on a gadget blog, but there are times when I would rather watch a fire crackling away in the living room instead of the TV. Unless “House” is on. The only problem with fireplaces is […]

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