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Apple Unveils Its “Best Of” Apps, Games, Music And Films For 2012

Each year Apple reveals its annual ‘Best Of’ feature for the iTunes store and App store, with this year’s winners chosen for their contribution to creativity on iOS devices. This year’s the top spot for iPhone app of the year, chosen by Apple’s editors, went to Action Movie FX, which is an app created by […]

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YouTube To Stream Blockbuster Movies

Since Google took offer we’ve been closely following YouTube and waiting for the big changes that the web giants have been hinting at. So far this year, they’ve announced plans to create channels of videos in an attempt to increase viewer retention and they’ve brought in experts to improve the quality of footage from smartphones. The […]

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Nokia’s rare Star Trek prototype phone unveiled

Last year when the Star Trek film came out Nokia were heavily involved. There was the blatant in-film product placement and also the Nokia 5800 Star Trek edition phone. Now the special edition 5800 was frankly a bit rubbish. But deep in the secret Nokia labs, sales a much more interesting Star Trek mobile phone […]

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