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Wii U Review Round-up: First Impressions, Features And Details

Nintendo has finally launched its new console, Wii U, in America and we’ve scoured the internet to round-up all the first impressions of the hardware, eShop, software and the controller. Nintendo has gone to great lengths to control the information flow about the console before it had been released. But now the console is on […]

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Windows Phone 8 Walkthrough: New Features, Functions And Customisation

If you don’t want to get an Android or Apple smartphone then there is a third way: Windows Phone 8. Launched 18 months ago Microsoft’s mobile operating has come along way in a short amount of time. Their latest version, Windows Phone 8, represents massive step forward for the fledgling operating system. Windows Phone has […]

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Gaj-it Guide: Top Tips And Tricks On iOS 6

Apple’s new iOS 6 software update is now installed on 100 million devices since going live last week, and it adds some 200 new features to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Out Today: What’s New ?

Apple is releasing the latest version of their desktop operating system Mac OS X. Mountain Lion looks to right some wrongs from OS X Lion and moves the OS even closer to its mobile cousin iOS. While were still some way off a completely unified OS there are quite a few changes – so let us give you a guide on what you can expect.

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WWDC 2012: Apple Unveils OSX Mountain Lion

Not only were Apple on hand to show off their latest MacBook and iOS 6, the Cupertino company detailed what you can expect from their next version of OS X, called Mountain Lion. Here is a rundown of some of the top new features that you’ll find in the 9th release of the Mac operating system, which is expected to be release in July via digital download.

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WWDC 2012: Apple Overhauls iOS 6 With Major Changes

Not only did Apple wow the tech-world with the world’s most technologically advanced laptop – the Cupertino company gave a in-depth showcase of the last version of their mobile operating system iOS 6. Though the software is available now as a beta – the final version will not ship until sometime this fall.

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Apple And Twitter To Combine For iOS 5?

With Apple’s WWDC just around the corner the rumour mill is in full swing, and today’s latest whispers suggest that Apple and Twitter are going to strike up a new partnership for Apple’s new iOS 5.

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Flipboard iPad 2 Edition Outlined

If you are a fan of the amazing social news app Flipboard and are planning to get a new iPad 2 – then your in luck as the company behind it are going to release a new version. Flipboard takes your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and aggregates every link from your friends. It then takes […]

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