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Everything Everywhere: Just How Fast Is It & Is It Worth Upgrading For?

Of all the questions we get asked about Everything Everywhere’s super fast 4G mobile broadband, the most frequent is how fast is it compared to 3G and is it really worth it?

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Gaj-it Guide To 4G: When Will You Get Super Fast 4G Mobile Broadband In The UK?

This month will finally see the UK’s first 4G network launched by Everything Everywhere, which is a new 4G brand created by the parent company of T-mobile and Orange. 4G/LTE is short for Fourth Generation/Long Term Evolution and is a replacement for the current 3G network, offering substantial increases in speed and suffers a lot less from signal degradation.

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BT Collaborates with Everything Everywhere For 4G LTE Tryout in UK

BT is planning to start a new 4G trial and has joined hands with mobile carrier company Everything Everywhere. The trial will see if wireless broadband is more efficient and economically viable than the wired one. The program is likely to use radio spectrum earlier used by analogue TV transmitters. These transmitters were shut off […]

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O2 To Launch NFC Service This Year.

We told you it was coming and it is. NFC is breaking out into the world big-time. Everything Everywhere (an Orange and T-mobile partnership in association with Barclaycard) are set to bring out NFC enabled SIM cards to allow customers to pay using their mobile in places such as McDonalds, cheap Co-Op, thumb EAT etc […]

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