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Tick Tock Dock White

Edifier Tick Tock Dock Review: Wake Up Happy

If you start your day wrong, it’s all downhill from there. But life’s too short to have bad days! Despite its importance the humble alarm clock is a neglected household item. Most of us will either use our mobile phones and one of their horrendous, soul scrunching ringtones or we will use one of them […]

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Review: Edifier MP250 USB Soundbar.

Edifier have been well known for making posh and respectable PC speakers. From the commendable Luna 2, to the less accomplished, and competitively priced M1250 bob- a-job speakers. The speaker I am reviewing today lies more at the competitive end, but still manages to retain an aesthetic quality that belies its price.

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Review: Edifier Studio Speakers

Canadian-based speaker company Edifier are looking to consolidate their position within the multi-media studio speaker market with their latest speakers R1900TiII so how does it stack up against the competition in the speaker market…

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Review: Edifier e1100 Plus (Predator) Multimedia Speaker

Welcome to the review of the Edifier e1100 Plus Multimedia Speaker. As far as I am concerned, Edifier has a history of turning out good quality speakers, although some have been at a price point that might make you wince at the checkout. So when the e1100 Plus speakers arrived, I was not surprised to see that they looked the business, and felt solidly constructed, something that was lacking a bit from the e3350 speakers. I then glanced at the price, and was pleasingly surprised at the cost. For these, you can expect to part with £39.99, or thereabouts.

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Edifier e3350 PC Speakers Review

Edifier is a brand name I have come to respect. Their kit is usually well built, well designed, produces fantastic quality sound, and costs a lot. The other day though, I received the Edifier e3350, 2.1 speakers. What is special about these though is the price. At just under £60.00 these speakers are happily affordable, but are they any good? Well if you care to read on, I shall enlighten you as to the world of the e3350.

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Review: Edifiel Luna 2 Speakers Review.

Back in May, we reviewed the Edifier Luna 5 iPod speaker, and it got a jolly good score by all accounts. This time we are looking at the Edifier Luna 2 PC speakers.

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Review: Edifier MP300 Plus Multimedia Speaker


I jumped at the chance to review this speaker system. No, not because I’m sad and have no life (really) but purely because the sound that comes from my new laptop can completely ruin your favourite song. Now I know my little notebook has the potential, it just needed a helping hand to release its inner beast![…]

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