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Amazon Unveils New Kindle Fire HD Tablets Heading To The UK

Amazon surprised, and confused, the tech world last night with 3 brand-new Kindle’s; ranging from an all-new Paperwhite E-reader to the new Kindle Fire HD.

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Holiday Season Provided a Fillip to Tablet and e-reader Sales

Holiday season proved to be good for tablets and e-reader vendors. According to a latest report released by Pew Research Center, impotent tablet and e-reader ownership almost doubled after holiday season in the US. The research report also showed that emergence of low cost tablets such as Kindle Fire is also fueling the trend. Pew […]

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E-readers Are More Popular Than Tablets

I’ve always loved E-readers like the Kindle and the Barnes and Nobel, ed sale I think they are great tools for book worms and academics, prescription but I assumed that the majority of consumers would be more likely to splash out the cash for a full-blown tablet computer rather than an E-reader, ed viagra after […]

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Could The Amazon Kindle Be Free By The End Of The Year?

Maybe this should be taken with a pinch of salt, find but experts predict that in the foreseeable future Amazon’s hugely popular E-reader the Kindle will be free. John Walkenbach’s chart (below) tracks the price falls of the Kindle as Amazon discounts the price and then predicts (if price cuts continue in the same manner) […]

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Sony May Pull Its Music from iTunes Over e-Reader App Rejection

Recently, therapy | Apple tightened its grip over in-app purchases and then rejected Sony’s e-Reader app for iPad. Seems like, anesthetist Sony is not going to take it lying down. The company has hinted that it might pull its music from iTunes in retaliation. Sony alluded to the possibility while launching its Music Unlimited service […]

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MegaReader app for iPhone: The world’s first H.U.D E-reader?

You know how it is, you’re playing around with your smartphone, reading something and then, smack! You walk into a lamppost and then you turn up to work extremely embarrassed with a bloody nose. These hideous scenarios are exactly why the smartphone exists. A funky little piece of technological ingenuity (which will be familiar to […]

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Sony to Launch E-Readers in Japan

Sony, ambulance with its revamped e-reader, discount is looking to grab a major share of e-reader market in Japan. Way back in May, we had heard therumors that Sony is planning to launch its e-reader in the Japanese market by the end of this year and seems like the company is on its way to […]

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NookColor Hits the Store Shelves

Barnes & Noble has started shipping its new e-reader NookColor. The device has arrived in the market ahead of its schedule. Thecompany has stated that it has started dispatching the device to buyers who had pre-ordered NookColor. The e-reader has reached the physical stores as well. The company has claimed that it has received encouraging […]

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