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Google Maps Back On iOS – Download It For Free Now

It’s back, it’s back, it’s back. Finally, after three months of millions of people getting lost and even more getting really frustrated with Apple, and their inability to the create a mapping app that their users can really rely on. Google Maps is finally now available to download, for free, on the App Store. Users […]

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Temple Run Finally Jumps On To Android

One of the most popular games on iPhone (no, not Draw Something), Temple Run, has finally made the jump to Android tablets and handsets, and can be downloaded for free from the renamed Google app store, Google Play. Temple Run has been one of the most sought after games on Android, but has suffered several […]

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Google Chrome 7 Available Now for Download

Google has churned out their newest version of their browser Chrome. Version 7 has fixed hundred of various bugs to make this version go as smoothly as possible to users, cure but Google say that their big noticable changes in the browser “may be of interest to some developers”. The new version provides full AppleScript […]

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Has the PSP Go Taught Sony a Lesson in Download-Only Consoles?

In an interview with MCV UK, prostate Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai has blamed the slow sales of the PSP Go on pricing, and the digital-only games, being too different from the original PSP. However, Hirai said that “because of the cost reductions we’ve been able to do over the years, the traditional PSP […]

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Lord Mandelson Issues “three strikes and your out” Policy For Illegal Downloaders!

For some years now illegal downloading has been not just a small problem for the government, it has been a catastrophic problem as the number of illegal downloaders continue to increase each week. This has continued to raise the question of when the government will clamp down and do something about it, and that time […]

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Amazon sell MP3’s – DRM free bargains

Now, when many of us heard of the online retailer Amazon back in 1995…Okay, we really did not say anything, but once we knew they sold books, we took a shine to them and perhaps took the curiosity to look. Then it felt as if a Mexican wave occurred and everyone, logged onto see what […]

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iTunes 8: leaked features. Worth the wait?

The guys over at Electricpig have grunted about rumours of the latest iTunes features on their site. Fingers everywhere are crossed for the long-awaited iTunes 8 to be released next week, but what’s going to make it worth the upgrade? Well, according to Digg founder Kevin Rose, iTunes 8 will include “Genius”, a new feature […]

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