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Apple Planning Big Changes To iPad, iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2, Rumours Suggest

Following Apple’s share price jumping off a cliff last week, despite selling millions of devices, several rumours have come to light over the weekend about what the tech giant has planned for its iPad, iPhone 5S and iPad Mini in 2013.

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Top iPad Retina Games

So you’ve bought the new fourth generation iPad with a Retina display and now you want to see that stunning pin-sharp display at its very best and brightest – so to that end, we’ve scoured the App Store to find the best games that have been fully optimised for Apple’s Retina display. Real Racing HD […]

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Gaj-it Face-off: iPad 2 vs The New iPad – Which One is Right For You

Apple hosted the world’s tech journalists in San Francisco to show off their new iPad this week, the device is pretty much as many had expected – with 4G the only feature that probably wasn’t expected. But how does the new iPad really compare to the iPad 2 – which after the new announcement is […]

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10 Things We Want To See In The New iPad 3

Rumours of a new iPad 3 are never far away and over the last couple of months these rumours have begun to gather pace. Now, rather than speculate what slight changes we might see in a new iPad – we thought we write a list of 10 things we’ve been dreaming off since the first […]

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iPad 3 To Come With Retina Display According To LG CEO

CEO of LG, Young Soo Kwon, has let it slip that the next iPad 3 will come with one of LG’s Retina displays, after he declared that their new Retina Displays would be used in Apple’s iPad.

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Apple Refreshes MacBook Air, Mac Mini, New Cinema Display & Culls MacBook

As many had predicted Apple has released a whole host of refreshed products today; including new MacBook Air’s, Mac Mini, Cinema Display and have surprisingly done away with original MacBook – all of which to coincide with the launch of Mac OS X.

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Retina Display For iPad 3 Outed By iOS 5 SDK

Some technical folk have been digging deep into the iOS 5 SDK over the last couple of weeks and have uncovered all manner of juicy details about what Apple will have up its sleeve in the future for their iPad and iPhone. We’ve had info that the new iPhone will be able to record and […]

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iPad 2 Production Begun? April Release Date?

According to reports from across the pond the iPad 2 has just gone into production – interestingly the source is from the Wallstreet Journal and Yukari Iwatani Kane – which is one Job’s mobs favoured publications – they are famous for leaking info direct from Apple – call them Apple’s PR trolls. The report smells […]

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