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Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumour Roundup: The Feasible to the Farcical

Now that Apple has launched its two flagship products for the next 6 months, the tech world’s attention shifts its focus to Samsung. The success of the Korean tech company’s current flagship phone the S2 has seen the handset garner a reputation as one of the only Android contenders that can topple the iPhone from […]

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iPhone 4S: A Detailed Look At The New Apple iPhone 4S

As many had suspected Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook took to the stage at their Cupertino Head Quarters to unveil their new iPhone. But it wasn’t the iPhone 5 that we had all hoped for – but a iPhone 4S – essentially the same phone on the outside, but a handset that has been completely redesigned on the inside.

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New Apple iPhone 5 Concept Outed

It seems like every day that we spy a new iPhone 5 rumour, leak or piece of news – and today is not different. A new concept design has surfaced online which shows off what the iPhone 5 might actually look like if all the rumours over the last few months came true. A phone […]

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Rumour: Apple Design Guru Jon Ive Considering Leaving Apple For The UK ?

According to two prominent newspapers Jon Ive, the Brit-born senior vice president of Industrial Design at Apple, has told fellow boards members that he plans to give his children a UK education and would want to go back to the UK – apparently the board weren’t too happy and have stated it Apple or the UK. Not both.

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TalkTalk and University of London Launch Routers of the Future

TalkTalk and University of London Launch Routers of the Future

Broadband users all over the UK have a variety of boring looking modems/routers which they use to connect to the Internet. They are normally tucked away somewhere out of sight and we only look at them when we want to see if all the little lights are flashing as expected. However there is a new generation of ‘designer’ modems/routers on the horizon. London’s Goldsmiths University and TalkTalk have been working on a new concept, ‘Routers of the Future’.

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A Keyboard that’s all Class…I mean Glass

While laptops have been becoming smaller, thinner and sleeker, the same can’t be said for PCs and their components. However, just when you thought that all was lost in a world full of chunky, lifeless PC components, let me introduce to you the “No-key keyboard” as the flattest full-sized QWERTY keyboard to date. The keyboard […]

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