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Microsoft To Launch Xbox Music Tomorrow Alongside New Xbox 360 Dashboard

Microsoft is setting it sights on taking on music streaming service Spotify with its own Xbox Music streaming service. The new service, which launches tomorrow on Xbox 360, will then be rolled out to Windows 8, their newly announced Surface tablet and Windows Phone 8.

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Xbox 360’s Spring Dashboard Update Leaked

Microsoft’s plans for their annual dashboard update has been leaked online today and it includes something that will make Sony Playstation 3 users weep.

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Facebook changes explained: The social graph, New groups, Third Party dashboard

Following on from Yesterday’s blog; unsurprisingly there was no Facebook phone and there was no real ‘redesign’ as such. So what then was announced at the press conference? Basically three new functions were introduced which will be rolling out onto the social network in the coming days. Zuckerberg’s emphasis is on what he calls the […]

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Gets Leaked on Youtube

There are some lucky ones who received Kinect beta program invites and   managed to have a peek at new Xbox 360 dashboard. But now, ailment unhealthy here is a chance for everyone. Thanks to two videos uploaded on Youtube, now you too can get a sneak preview of the things to come. As expected, the […]

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Microsoft Confirms Improvement of Xbox Live Chat

Microsoft have confirmed today that their chat system will see a major overhaul when Microsoft updates the dashboard in anticipation of Kinect this Fall. The refresh, will come sometime before the launch of Kinect, which is pencilled in for a November launch. It will see an upgrade of the codec and audio infrastructure that underpins […]

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Hot Pink Crayola

Sponsored: Calling all XBox 360 avatars- get yourself a real.

No one can say there havn’t been some ingenious viral videos out there, trying to attract you into buying whatever must have gadget is the latest to hit the top ten.

Well, Microsoft have turned it round on you with their latest advert for the XBox 360 and its new (ish!) dashboard, complete with wii-me style avatar system. You see, they’re not appealing to you at all, they’re trying to get your avatar to hook up with a ‘Real’ (that’s you and me to, well, you and me) and telling the avatar about all the fun stuff it can do. I feel objectified…

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