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iPad Mini: Is Apple Really Going To Do Tablet-Shaped U-Turn?

Apple is the king of the tablet market. But this doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels, quite the opposite in fact. It’s clear that they’ve cornered the premium tablet market with the iPad and now, according to some, it plans to take on Amazon and Google with a smaller budget tablet.

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WWDC 2012: Apple To Launch iOS 6, New Macbook’s & Apple TV

Apple will be hosting their World Wide Developers Conference today in San Francisco with the Cupertino company is expected to unveil iOS 6, a new line of MacBook’s and possibly a new SDK for Apple TV.

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Hand holding Apple TV

Apple iTV: Everything You Need To Know

Not content with changing the way we listen to music, communicate through our phones and creating the world’s number 1 selling tablet, Apple, has big plans for the television. After last weeks comments that Apple TV was a “hobby” for Apple, the technology giant has plans to take the that hobby further and completely turn […]

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iPhone 4S: A Detailed Look At The New Apple iPhone 4S

As many had suspected Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook took to the stage at their Cupertino Head Quarters to unveil their new iPhone. But it wasn’t the iPhone 5 that we had all hoped for – but a iPhone 4S – essentially the same phone on the outside, but a handset that has been completely redesigned on the inside.

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Apple To Release HDTV’s In 2012

More rumours about Apple’s possible decision to start making HDTV’s has surfaced again after an industry analyst claimed that the Cupertino company is likely to launch internet connect televisions in March 2012. It’s been rumoured several times that Apple might be considering putting their Apple TV directly into a monitor and analyst’s reckon it could […]

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iPhone 5 Release Date Of August 16th Outed By Job Listing?

More iPhone 5 gossip is making its way round the tech world as a job posting for Apple sales staff suggests that the new iPhone 5 could be with us as early as August.

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Apple Patents Two Variations Of The Stylus Pen

Apple has been famously been dismissive of stylus pens for phone and tablets, so much so Steve Jobs even went as far as saying “If you see a stylus, they blew it”. But it would seem that Jobs has eaten some humble pie as Apple has patented two variations of the stylus pen.

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Apple Showcases New Head Quarters To Cupertino Council

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has shown off plans for the company’s brand new Head Quarters after making an appearance infront of the Cupertino City Council to show them his vision. Jobs explained his initial attraction to the site, buy cialis as it previously belonged to his childhood idols Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Whilst the […]

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