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US Court Orders Samsung To Pay Apple $1bn In Damages Over Patent Dispute

A US court has ordered Korean electronics firm Samsung to pay Apple $1.05bn (£665) in damages for infringing Apple’s intellectual property. The decision stunned the courtroom as the jury threw out every single one of Samsung’s complaints and sided with the California tech giant on each of their claims after just three days of deliberation.

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Apple Do A Samsung To HTC.

Apple are continuing their sue-fest as they seemingly try and find a judge who will throw the book at every single competitor in the market until Steve and his chums are the only ones left and we are all stuck with iPhones and iPads whether we like it or not. After giving Samsung a hard […]

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6 Months Jail For Facebook Contempt of Court Woman.

The clash between law and technology continues. This year we’ve had Twitter injunctions, hacking, jail-breaking, patent battles, privacy concerns and now we can add contempt in court to the list as the first juror to be prosecuted for the offence as a result of online activity was convicted today and sentenced to eight months in […]

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Nokia Wins Patent Case Against Apple: Is Android Next ?

Nokia and Apple have finally settled a long-running patent dispute, with the US company Apple agreeing to make a one-off payment and continuing royalties to the Finnish mobile phone giant for infringing its technology patents. It’s a great result for Nokia, who felt that Apple had infringed on its technology patents, and this has now […]

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Sony VS LG: The Case Of The Stolen Consoles.

It seems a favourite hobby of tech companies these days is taking each other to court. The latest two to square off is Sony and LG. Lawyers from both sides, Sony and LG Electronics are in a Dutch court after LG-requested the seizure of several PS3 consoles by Dutch customs agents. The trouble started when […]

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UK Supreme Court Says In-Court Tweeting Is Allowed.

The UK Supreme Court has given the thumbs up to courtroom tweeting and have released a number of guidelines on when and how they should be used. Tweets will not be allowed in a standard Jury based criminal case but when it comes to The Supreme Court which deals with civil and criminal appeals, Journalists […]

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Apple lose £600 million in court.

Apple really must learn that there’s no point making money if you have to spend it all in court. A recent legal mishap could cost them a massive £600 million in damages but in a last ditch attempt to save their pocket money Steve and Co have asked the court to ‘reconsider.’ On 1 October, […]

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Apple set to take Nokia UK to court.

It’s all going wrong for Nokia at the moment. The wait for MeeGo is leaving people frustrated and their Symbian OS is taking a battering from Android and Apple and now the later are kicking the Finnish company whilst their down and hitting them with the dreaded ‘legal proceedings.’ In an ongoing dispute with Nokia, […]

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