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Gamescom 2012: Sony Fights Back With New IPs, Games And a Renewed Focus on Vita & Move

Sony took to the stage at this year’s Gamescom to unveil what it has planned for their Playstation brand over the next 12 months; they revealed a renewed their focus on improving their PS Vita, changes to the Playstation Plus service and a lot of new games. Including a slew of quirky new IPs, which Sony was so famed for during the Playstation 2 years.

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Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet: Release Date, Price And Specifications

Every year Google hosts an I/O developers conference in San Francisco, California. It’s where the search engine giant tends to shows off what they have planned for their Android operating system for the year ahead.

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iPad 3 Confirmed For March: Here’s What We Know

Apple has scheduled one of its not-so-secret media events for mid-March which has subsequently sent the iPad 3 rumour mill into overdrive. The iPad 3, or whatever Apple decides to call it, is likely to be released within two weeks of the official announcement and we’re going to run you through what we expect from […]

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E3 2011: Sony unveils PS Vita, New 3DTV & Apologises For Hack-Gate

Sony had their E3 press conference last night and it showed that the Playstation brand is in rude health as Sony unveiled 2 new pieces of hardware and plenty of new games. Before any of the announcements Sony US boss Jack Tretton took to the stage and talked about the Playstation Network hack and offered […]

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WWDC 2011: iCloud – Steve Jobs Shows Off The Future Of Cloud Computing

So were just digesting all the news from the WWDC from Apple. The main headline; no new hardware. But Apple did put on an impressive show with their new software focus. A future where all Apple devices talk to each and update themselves autumagically – all made possible through the iCloud which be free.

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iPhone 5 Roundup: Price, Looks, Specs, Features & Release

With the World Wide Developers Conference set to kick off on Monday we thought we would do a roundup every piece of news, hearsay, whisper and prediction we’ve been peddling over the last 6 month with regards to Apple’s iPhone 5. Were still no clearer to knowing whether we’ll see the new handset on Monday […]

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iPhone 5 Pictures Show Off Bigger Screen And New Camera

News of the new iPhone 5 seems to be gaining traction more and more lately we have previously announced that the new phone was going to be delayed until September, but now the world’s tech press are flip-flopping between that date and June for the developers conference. Pictures have leaked online which reportedly show off […]

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Are Avatars the next Skype?

If you work in any sort of business/office environment you’ll be aware of the need for video communications and conferencing. We’re in the age of globalisation now and sometimes it’s just impossible to physically get everybody you need into a meeting. Say an English company needs to chat to an American company, about a partnership […]

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