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Apple Announces £5.1 Billion Quarterly Profit As It’s Forced To Apologise To Samsung

Apple has unveiled its latest quarterly profits and while it missed Wall Street forecasts they did make a healthy £5.1 billion profit.

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Tablets Sales Continue to Grow: Netbooks Face Bleak Future

Tablets Sales Continue to Grow: Netbooks Face Bleak Future

You do not need a research report to predict the fate of netbooks. The fledgling segment has been battered badly by burgeoning tablet market. However, apoplectic if you still need numbers and figures to back up the claim, allergist then research firm Canalys has just proved the same with their latest report. While tablets topped […]

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European Union Draws Up New Plan for e-Waste Disposal

We love our shiny new tech toys, discount but how about the old ones? Electronic gadget disposal is fast becoming a big environmental issue and now European Union has decided to tame the beast. According to a new plan recently approved by European Union, order electronics retailers are now under legal obligation to accept electronic […]

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Google Chrome OS: Could It Be Launched This Month?

Google, asthma who have had much success out of their mobile operating system Android, order seem to be getting ready to launch a computer operating system – Chrome OS – later this month. The Chrome OS has been rumoured as far back as November last year, with little word on the computer operating system going […]

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Prestigio Show Off Their 2010 – 2011 Collections

Prestigio is a name that you are going to be coming across more and more if our trip to London is anything to go by. We were invited to London for the UK launch of Prestigio, medic a new high-end electronics brand. Now, ailment it’s not often in the tech world that we are shown […]

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Windows XP: Dell to Stop Sales of Devices with the OS 22nd October

For all you Windows XP lovers out there, stuff I have bad news for you. Microsoft has informed its partners that no more computers can be sold with the operating system after October 22nd. The operating system may still be favored by some, in fact the computer I’m using right now is running on XP […]

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Norton 360 V4

Review: Norton 360

Back in the day, when I previously used the Norton Anti-Virus suite for my home computer, it gave me the hump. There were a few reasons I got narked with it, the main one being that the hit on system performance was pretty high for an AV suite, and for a chap who liked to play the odd online FPS, it was a bit of a pain. Secondly, once you installed it, it was installed. Every facet of your computers being was wormed into and monitored by Norton, and it felt stifling, and ominous. And if you wanted to get rid of it, you would have been lucky to remove all of its various components and registry entries without a team of Microsoft computer scientists, and a man with a hammer in reserve.

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Technology and Gadget Predictions for 2050!

We fast forward, 42 years into the future, a bleak vision for some of us, upon remembering the first “super-computer,” now, this was like your average PC – back when electric kettles were the rage – But people shrieked and fled in terror, almost convinced that the “super-Computer,” will dominate human life. But lets face it, it was the size of a small house and answered algebraic equation’s in minutes, just like the calculator can in seconds.

However, we have pondered, and paced the garden, thinking of what possible, catastrophes, can be applauded in 42 years? This is what we came up with […]

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