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Samsung May Decide To Delay Galaxy S2 In Some Territories To Give It More Oomph

Samsung are going to upgrade the processing power behind its new Samsung Galaxy s2 – but will this mean that they have to delay the highly anticipated android smartphone? They are holding back the handset to add a faster CPU and GPU to an already impressive handset which is now thought to be released in […]

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Intel’s Sandy Bridge Recall Expected To Delay New PCs

Intel announced on Monday that a design flaw could cause the serial-ATA (SATA) ports within the Sandy Bridge chipset to degrade over time which would affect the performance of a PC’s hard disk drive and DVD drive. Intel has sent an email to system manufacturers recommending that they stop building and shipping Sandy Bridge-based systems […]

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Mobile Chip Lets Your Phone Check You For STIs

UK is facing the rising rate of STIs and STDs among young and not-so-young people. And if you had been putting off that visit toDoctor due to your busy schedule or general reluctance, doctor then here is a ray of hope for you. Technology and medical experts are now working on developing a small chip […]

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Samsung Announces the Orion: Could the Powerful Hummingbird Already be Obsolete?

Samsung has revealed a new dual-core processor for its mobile devices; Orion. Samsung already have one of the best processors out there, ed the Hummingbird which they seem to have outdone. The newly-announced processor boasts “5 times the 3D graphics performance over the previous processor” which is alone pretty impressive, bronchi but Samsung has also […]

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128GB iPhone Coming as Toshiba Announce 128GB NAND Chip?

128GB iPhone Coming as Toshiba Announce 128GB NAND Chip?

Toshiba have announced the launch of a 128GB embedded flash memory module, quadrupling the current standard of 32GB. According to Toshiba, the NAND flash memory chip is the highest capacity chip ever achieved in the industry and samples will be available as early as September with production starting late this year. Using advanced chip thinning […]

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