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Blackberry 10 & Z10 Smartphone Hands-On Review

Yesterday, Research In Motion unveiled the Blackberry Z10, the first smartphone to run the company’s brand-spanking-new operating system BB10. The whole premise of BB10 and the Z10 is the ability to control pretty much the entire phone, and operating system, from a couple of cleverly engineered gestures and swipes. The phone itself doesn’t have a home […]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Unveiled: Specs, Camera and First Impressions

Samsung is top dog in the mobile world at the moment, and this, in part, is down to the success of the last couple of the Galaxy handsets, most notably the S2.

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Gaj-it Face-off: iPad 2 vs The New iPad – Which One is Right For You

Apple hosted the world’s tech journalists in San Francisco to show off their new iPad this week, the device is pretty much as many had expected – with 4G the only feature that probably wasn’t expected. But how does the new iPad really compare to the iPad 2 – which after the new announcement is […]

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The SONY PMW-F3: The Camera Behind C4’s Cutting Edge FilmMaking

As you could imagine, therapy filming a ground breaking documentary such as C4’s ‘Mummifying Alan’ isn’t an easy and process and is one which throws up plenty of challenges. How for instance can you show enough detail to make the programme authentic and hard-hitting without being overly morbid or graphic? It’s an issue which impacted […]

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The Camera Revolution: HTC And The 16MP Smartphone

It’s no surprise the Nokia N8 won the Mobile Choice Consumer Award for best camera phone. It is literally, the best camera phone on the market at the moment. With Nokia’s reputation at an all time low the N8 came out at just the right time. It wasn’t enough to save the Finnish company but […]

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Change Your Lens, Change Your Story With Canon

When you think ketchup you think Heinz, when you think MP3-player you think Apple, and when you think photography, you think Canon. The masters of the camera have now got the world’s most comprehensive system of interchangeable lenses. Their new EF lens range designed specifically for the EOS Digital SLR offers everything from 14mm ultra […]

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Samsung NX-100 Digital Camera

Love photography, but don’t have any skills? Samsung promise that the NX100 is exactly what you need to get professional results, even for those with beginner-level skills. The camera is extremely easy-to-use; it’s intuitive i-Function Lens will help you achieve high quality images even if you are holding a camera for the first time in […]

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camera snorkeller

The Sub-Aquatic Snapper: Digital Camera Mask

Just when we thought we had seen every conceivable gadget, we’ve come across a fantastic, all be in slightly gimmicky snorkelling mask that has an integrated 5-mega pixel digital camera. If man was meant to take photos he would have been fitted with shutters not eyelids. Well you can have both now. This is fully […]

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