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Pad mini

Apple Sends Out Invites For iPad Mini Launch Event

Rumours of an iPad mini appear to be true, not that we ever doubted them, as Apple has sent out the invitations for what is widely speculated to be the launch of the iPad mini – a smaller version its iPad tablet.

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US Court Orders Samsung To Pay Apple $1bn In Damages Over Patent Dispute

A US court has ordered Korean electronics firm Samsung to pay Apple $1.05bn (£665) in damages for infringing Apple’s intellectual property. The decision stunned the courtroom as the jury threw out every single one of Samsung’s complaints and sided with the California tech giant on each of their claims after just three days of deliberation.

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Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc, passed away last night at his home in California, just a day after the company announced their new iPhone, the world is mourning the loss of someone who really changed the way we use technology from day-to-day.

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Apple Loses Injunction Against Amazon For App Store Trademark

Apple was dealt a massive blow in its bid to have exclusive rights to the term “app store” after a California district judge denied Cupertino’s request for an injunction against Amazon’s AppStore. Apple failed to establish that its “app store” mark is famous enough to be thought as a exclusive trademark and the judge felt […]

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Tyneside Council Force Twitter To Reveal The Identity of Mr Monkey

North East England, and California. There’s not much in common between the two, I should know, I’m from the North East. So what could possibly connect the glamorous West Coast of America with the cold and baron land of Tyneside? The answer is Twitter. The law is struggling to keep up with modern times and […]

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NASA finds alien life

Once the internet noticed NASA had scheduled a press conference on astrobiology later today, they wasted no time in speculating what the announcement could be. ‘There’s aliens’ they said. And NASA has only fuelled the conspirator’s fires after stating that they have a “finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.” In […]

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