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Toshiba’s Thrive Tablet Won’t Wake Up

The Toshiba Thrive is just another Android tablet. But in fairness it’s one that’s doing fairly well in the market and has tempted many Android fans into the tablet computer market. But there’s one thing you want to avoid when you’ve just released a new slice of hardware, viagra and that’s a bug. It happens […]

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New Jailbreak Fixes iPhone Bug Before Apple

Anyone who knows their stuff about iPhones will be able to give two good reasons to Jailbreak. Firstly it does what it says on the tin Jailbreaks; it liberates you’re smartphone from the tyranny of Apple and gives you the opportunity to use the phone you bought with your own hard earned cash, your own […]

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How To Fix LG Optimus 2X Freeze and Reboot Bug.

Bugs in smartphones can quickly become a PR nightmare for companies as LG know all too well. Yet again we’ve arrived at the same old story. Despite the huge amounts of money people fork out on handsets, tech news is regularly riddled with stories about faulty hardware, software update delays, and inevitably angry customers. The […]

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The Gmail Bug: Some Users Still Affected

There was once a time when Gmail could do no wrong, until a massive bug hit the big G and lost a load of Gmail data leaving users with empty inboxes. Despite the winging and moaning that Google haters predictably rattled out, the truth is the thousands of users affected were a drop in the […]

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iOS 4.2 Delay? WiFi Bug Discovered

iOS 4.2 has broken it’s latest due date rumour of either the 9th or today. It seems the leak was very much untrue, but they still have until the end of this month before it is officially ‘late’ since Steve Jobs did give us the vague November time stamp. However, it seems that a reason […]

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iPhone 4 users late for work after alarm bug.

Every year the clocks go back, but people just can’t seem to get to grips with Daylight Saving Time. Imagine trying to explain to your boss it’s your iPhones fault you’re late. “Yeah, and the dog ate that report you were meant to do bring in too did it?” Smartphones tend to have a good […]

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Samsung Galaxy S bugs and fixes

The Samsung Galaxy S, though one of the best smartphones on the market, like everything else has its teething problems. You may have heard about an issue with the handsets USB. The problem appears to be a bug that makes the handset crash when files with 16 character extensions are used. The smartphone itself doesn’t […]

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Twitter Deletes Followers to Fix Bug

Some tweeps may have faced a bit of a surprise when they logged into their accounts yesterday, after Twitter had to clear users’ follower lists to fix a bug. The bug allowed users to force other people to follow them, by typing “accept” @ Twitter name: eg. “accept @50 cent” The method was retweeted around […]

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