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Next-Gen Rumours: Next Xbox To Require Always-On Internet, Blu-Ray, Kinect 2.0

According to the latest rumours Microsoft will require gamers to have an always-on internet connection for the Next Xbox to work, while this doesn’t sound too far fetched, it would leave the lucrative second hand games market stuck between a rock and a hard place. The console is expected to ship with a new version […]

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No DVD or Blu-Ray Playback For Wii U

Any thoughts that you’ll be able to watch 1080p Blu-Ray’s on Nintendo’s new console, Wii U, have been dealt a blow as Nintendo has confirmed that they will be going down the route of creating their own propriety disco format for their Wii U console. In an interview with Nintendo President Satori Iwata he revealed […]

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Amazon Black Friday Sales Could Land You An Xbox 360 for £60

Thanksgiving and Black Friday aren’t things we celebrate here in the UK, but when it brings us an excuse to get some good old fashioned tech for cheap prices, I’m willing to celebrate the occasion. Especially when it means we could be able to grab an Xbox 360 for just £60 from the international shopping […]

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star wars

Star Wars 3D to hit the big screen in 2012

Whether you like Star Wars or not George Lucas is making sure it’s here to stay. First, rather predictably it was announced that the franchise was to hit Blu-Ray and now even before a single Blu-Ray version has been released there’s already confirmation that the Star Wars series is to be resurrected in full, glorious 3D. […]

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Microsoft will not add Blu-Ray to next-gen Xbox

Not that we ever expected anything different but Microsoft has re-iterated its non-Blu-ray stance this week, explaining in an interview that the hi-def disc format favoured by Sony and its PS3 is ‘being passed by.’ Microsoft has always defended its decision to not add a costly Blu-ray drive to the Xbox 360 system and despite […]

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PS3 firmware update goes live: 3D Blu-Ray and Facebook intergration.

Lucky PS3 owners have today received a firmware upgrade and thus another way to argue that their console is better than their friend’s 360. When you next pop your Sony console on, viagra 60mg you should be running version 3.50. This means 3D Blu-ray support. That’s right, recipe one minute you had Blu-Ray, the next […]

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PS3 3D Blu-Ray Support Coming Via Update 21 September

Sony has announced that they will be giving the PS3 the update many have been anticipating, allergy with 3D Blu-ray coming from 21 September. This performance boost will be released to Japan first, viagra with no definite date for the rest of the world as of yet. The update which is dubbed PS3 3.50 was […]

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Blu-Ray Disc Association Would ‘Welcome’ Microsoft to Join Them

In an interview with CVG, the Blu-ray Disc Association’s European Chairman Graham Heaton has said that Microsoft (and any other company willing)  would be ‘welcome’ to join the BDA. This statement is a dismissive response to Microsoft’s suggestion that when the current discs for Xbox become unviable, they would use streaming and downloads. However, Heaton […]

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