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HTC to Close Their Cloud Backup Service HTCSense.com

HTC customers that use HTC’s cloud-based backup service, HTCSense.com, should download a backup of their contacts, messages and call history as HTC is shutting down the service while it performs some upgrades. The Taiwanese-based company is notifying customers that their data will be deleted while they upgrade the service – if you use the service […]

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PS Vita

Playstation Vita: 9 Tips and Tricks you probably didn’t know

Its been just over a week since the widely successful launch of Sony’s new handheld Playstation Vita. We’ve been spending hours on our new shiny piece of tech and in the process have collated a load of tips, tricks and how-to’s. Were here to do all the boring research so you can spend more time […]

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Get more from your storage.

So, you have a NAS box, or perhaps a USB external storage device. It sits there on the shelf, or desk, and occasionally you head on in to retrieve the Abba album you squirrelled away, or perhaps that photo of uncle Philip asleep on the sofa at Christmas with a party whistle up his nose. And certainly these devices do this very well. Have you ever wanted to do a bit more with it though?

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Time Capsule 2TB

Apple Releases 2TB Time Capsule and Reduces Price of 1TB Model

Apple has launched the 2TB version of its wireless network backup solution Time Capsule. At the same time it has lowered the price of its 1TB model. As well as being a wireless backup device, the Time Capsule is also a full-featured 802.11n Wi-Fi base station. And now it operates in 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously.

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Vufone- connecting your phone with your social networks all in one place

I’m incredibly snap happy with my phone. The camera is the main thing I look for when I get an upgrade, and boy do I get my use out of it. But more often than not the photos stay on my phone for months before I get round to taking them off and sorting through […]

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Top 5 Data Losses

Most companies with any sort of IT infrastructure have got some sort of disaster recovery plan. Whether it be a set of tapes or CD’s or a redundant data centre, the idea of loosing the company accounts on a hard drive that has become a paperweight is something that keeps IT managers awake at night.

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Backup company Carbonite loses customer data

This story at TechCrunch has shown just how precarious your data might be up in the cloud. It turns out that the company has possibly lost over 7,500 companies data over the weekend.

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Best Online Storage – Five of the best reviewed and compared

Welcome to a review of five on-line storage solutions that are on offer today on the net. I have chosen them because if you type, “on-line storage” into Google, these are the ones that take up the top spaces. I have also chosen a bit of a sneaky choice that may be of interest if you like using existing technologies creatively. If you would like to know, read on…

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