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Google Maps Back On iOS – Download It For Free Now

It’s back, it’s back, it’s back. Finally, after three months of millions of people getting lost and even more getting really frustrated with Apple, and their inability to the create a mapping app that their users can really rely on. Google Maps is finally now available to download, for free, on the App Store. Users […]

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Apple Thunderbolt Cable And Devices Now Available

If you have bought a new iMac or new Macbook you probably have noticed a new port on the side of your device – well it’s a Thunderbolt port – but up until today it was pretty much useless.

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The Hype Machine Finally Launches iPhone App

Music blogs have become big business in the music world – they are now the tastemakers that was once the preserve of AR people at labels, part of this revolution has been down to an amazing website the Hype Machine.

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Google Chrome 7 Available Now for Download

Google has churned out their newest version of their browser Chrome. Version 7 has fixed hundred of various bugs to make this version go as smoothly as possible to users, cure but Google say that their big noticable changes in the browser “may be of interest to some developers”. The new version provides full AppleScript […]

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HTC Desire HD Available for Pre-Order on Vodafone Now

Pre-orders for the HTC Desire HD are now up and ready to go on Vodafone, ambulance erectile ahead of the new Smartphone’s launch date of October 14th. It will be available for free with a 24-month, medstore bronchi £35 per month contract. If you pre-order the HTC Desire HD online, stuff the contract will give […]

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