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Top 10 Brain Training Apple Apps: Face Those Learning Demons…

It is GCSE results day today for most 16 years in the UK.  For those of you readers that will have received your results today, I hope you have done well and for those of you that are going to collect them, good luck!  Whether is it cries of joy or commiserations for many GCSE students it […]

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Top 5 Android Honeycomb Apps

We’ve already given you a low-down on what you can expect if you purchase on the amazing new Honeycomb tablets with our face-off feature between Android honeycomb and Apple iOS.

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Facebook iPad App Found Hidden inside iPhone App

Facebook has its apps for various iOS devices including iPhone, cialis buy but it still does not have a dedicated official app for iPad. Though, anabolics rumors had been floating around from quite some time that Facebook is working on developing iPad app, but nothing concrete ever came out of it. However, it looks like […]

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mission control

Mac OS X Lion Review: Everything You Need To Know

Apple launched their new Operating System OS X Lion yesterday and is the first time the Cupertino Company has offered the new OS as a day-one download, with a physical release later next month – here’s our thoughts on the new touchy feely operating system.

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Shopping On The Go: New Sainsburys Mobile Site

Apart from Jamie Oliver, who goes to Sainsbury’s? Even Morrisons is a bit small fry these days compared to the big two, despite Richard Hammonds and Take That. Anyway, enough about grocery stores and their celebrity endorsements. The point is, if you do in fact go to Sainsburys, you’ll be pleased to know they’ve ‘pimped […]

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Apple Loses Injunction Against Amazon For App Store Trademark

Apple was dealt a massive blow in its bid to have exclusive rights to the term “app store” after a California district judge denied Cupertino’s request for an injunction against Amazon’s AppStore. Apple failed to establish that its “app store” mark is famous enough to be thought as a exclusive trademark and the judge felt […]

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Bjork’s Biophilia App: The Saviour of the Music Industry?

Last week Icelandic singer/songwriter Bjork unveiled her new live show and album in Manchester. Alongside the new music is a pioneering iOS app that has the potential to change the music industry forever and could be the first in a new wave of interactive app-albums.

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Skype to Release iPad App Soon

If you are still using Skype iPhone app on your iPad, then fret not. Skype is said to be working on iPad specific app, which will be released real soon. YouTube allegedly hosted a video which demoed the app and its features. However, the video is no longer available on the site. Though, there is […]

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