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Apple Unveils Its “Best Of” Apps, Games, Music And Films For 2012

Each year Apple reveals its annual ‘Best Of’ feature for the iTunes store and App store, with this year’s winners chosen for their contribution to creativity on iOS devices. This year’s the top spot for iPhone app of the year, chosen by Apple’s editors, went to Action Movie FX, which is an app created by […]

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Google Maps Back On iOS – Download It For Free Now

It’s back, it’s back, it’s back. Finally, after three months of millions of people getting lost and even more getting really frustrated with Apple, and their inability to the create a mapping app that their users can really rely on. Google Maps is finally now available to download, for free, on the App Store. Users […]

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Top iPad Retina Games

So you’ve bought the new fourth generation iPad with a Retina display and now you want to see that stunning pin-sharp display at its very best and brightest – so to that end, we’ve scoured the App Store to find the best games that have been fully optimised for Apple’s Retina display. Real Racing HD […]

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10 Useful Apps To Get The Most Out Of The London Olympics 2012

After years of planning, preparing and just a little bit of complaining, the London Olympics are finally about to begin with the opening ceremony tonight.

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Windows 8 Tablets: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft were actually one of the first companies to try and perfect tablet computing over 10 years ago – for many reasons it failed – but this doesn’t mean they have given up. With the imminent release of Windows 8 it looks as if the technology and software are finally in place for Microsoft to finally crack this lucrative emerging market.

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Get Ready For Starbucks Mobile Payment App

Get Ready For Starbucks Mobile Payment App

Starbucks US lets its patrons pay through their mobile phones and now the Coffee company is planning to bring the same functionality to the UK. The service is likely to be rolled out from January, sales 2012. Initially, clinic | it would be available only for iOS platform, health so if you do not own […]

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Google to Launch Native Gmail App for iPhone Soon

Google is finally all set to release a native iOS app for its wildly popular Gmail. It is expected that the app will come with push notification. According to the rumors, health the app is not only final and complete, but has already been submitted to Apple for approval. Until now, iOS users had to […]

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iPhone 4S: A Detailed Look At The New Apple iPhone 4S

As many had suspected Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook took to the stage at their Cupertino Head Quarters to unveil their new iPhone. But it wasn’t the iPhone 5 that we had all hoped for – but a iPhone 4S – essentially the same phone on the outside, but a handset that has been completely redesigned on the inside.

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