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Windows 8 App Marketplace: How Is Microsoft Going To Make It A Success?

Microsoft’s greatest challenge with this month’s release of Windows 8 is making its new app marketplace a success. In order to get as many apps on board, software developers will need to re-write their applications to take advantage of the new touchy, feely operating system – something that takes time and money. But many developers […]

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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Out Today: What’s New ?

Apple is releasing the latest version of their desktop operating system Mac OS X. Mountain Lion looks to right some wrongs from OS X Lion and moves the OS even closer to its mobile cousin iOS. While were still some way off a completely unified OS there are quite a few changes – so let us give you a guide on what you can expect.

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Apple Extends App Return Window to 7 Days: But Only in Taiwan

Apple is pretty much used to do the things in its own way, buy cialis not bowing to any pressure. However, cough every now and then, cure even Apple has to put its pride aside and abide by the requirements of other people, or should we say governments. After much tussle, finally Apple has agreed […]

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Apple Tweaks App Pricing: Apps to be Priced Higher Outside of the US

Apple has decided to play ‘Netflix’ in the UK and has raised the price of its apps. In some cases, vialis 40mg the app prices have been raised by more than 25 percent. According to Tap Mag, the final price of apps is not determined by the developer but by Apple. While submitting their app […]

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Apple Users More Willing to Loosen their Purse Strings for Buying Apps

Apple users are known for their allegiance towards the Cupertino kingdom. However, prostate their loyalty is not limited to empty devotion, prostate but they are willing to spend their hard earned money for supporting their messiah. According to a report released by Piper Jaffray, Apple users tend to buy 61 percent more apps. They are […]

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Facebook to Launch a new App Store: A Direct Challenge to Apple?

Facebook, nurse a cute little social networking site which is now turning into a formidable tech behemoth, has taken one more step towards projecting its dominance. According to the rumors, the company is working on a secret project called ‘Project Spartan’, which will eventually lead to the creation of a mobile HTML5 app store. The […]

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Microsoft Reach 18,000 Apps On Window Mobile 7

Microsoft hit a milestone today on the way to what they are hoping is mobile world domination; their Windows 7 Mobile Operating system has now reached over 18,000 applications.

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Nook Color: Is It an E-Reader or Is It a Tablet?

Nook Color received a major update and the resulting E-Book reader is now closer to being a tablet than an e-reader. The device now supports Android 2.2 aka Froyo, arthritis which is not exactly the kind of operating system you would want on your tablet, but hey, here we are basically talking about an e-reader […]

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