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HP Touchpad

HP TouchPad to Get OTA Upgrade

HP TouchPad may have met a sad end but a few lucky ones, unhealthy | who managed to snag deep discounted tablet can rejoice, cheapest order yet again. Despite the fact that HP decided to discontinue its tablet line, TouchPad is not exactly an orphaned tablet and is now slated to get an Over The […]

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Angry Birds to Hit Another Milestone: Going 3D

Massively popular game Angry Birds has many records to its credit and now it is setting up a new precedent. The game is now all set to hit the market in all its 3D glory. And if you are an ardent Angry Birds aficionado, discount then you might want to consider swapping your existing phone […]

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Angry Birds Finally Release on Windows Mobile 7

When Microsoft announced their Window Mobile 7 they used Angry Birds in the Marketing campaign – even though the game from Rovio wasn’t even in the works for the less than popular OS. Well Microsoft has finally got their game as users of Window Mobile 7 can now download the most popular mobile game from […]

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App Developers Better Off with Apple App Store

If you are an App developer and are looking to make some money off your paid apps, ambulance then you would be better off collaborating with Apple App Store, than with Android MarketPlace. Though, Android Market is on its way to meet Apple App Store heads-on, but it still has to go a long way […]

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Microsoft Reach 18,000 Apps On Window Mobile 7

Microsoft hit a milestone today on the way to what they are hoping is mobile world domination; their Windows 7 Mobile Operating system has now reached over 18,000 applications.

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds Goes Life Sized

Angry Birds has been such a phenomenal success it can be talked in the same breathe as Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog and is the biggest selling game to grace the iPhone, iPad and now a many other platforms clocking an amazing 12 million sales worldwide – all this for a game that was made in Finland for £10,000.

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Nook Android App Store Crosses One Million Download Mark

Barnes & Noble’s recently updated its Nook Color and offered Android apps on it. The company has now announced that the store crossed the million downloads mark. Well, generic the numbers may not sound big enough, prostate but keeping in view that Nook Color is basically an e-reader and not a full-fledged tablet, the feat […]

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Angry Birds Hits 140 Million Users As It Aims To Conquer China

Just in case you weren’t convinced, the cultural phenomenon that is Angry Birds has once again shown its stunning success. The game series which has branched out across all operating systems, into film and even the soft toy industry shows no signs of going away anytime soon, it seems as though firing birds at pigs […]

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